I was born in Namangan. This is my hometown. I will tell you more about it

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Hometown I was born in Namangan. This is my hometown. I will tell you more about it. Namangan is a city in eastern Uzbekistan. The city of Namangan ranks third largest in Uzbekistan, after Tashkent and Samarkand. My hometown is different from other cities by its dialect. The people are very hospitable. There are many holidays in my hometown. Now the national holiday of Namangan is being celebrated. Its name is the festival of flowers. This holiday is celebrated once a year for 1 month. More than 1000 types of flowers are displayed at this festival.Many turists visit this holiday every year. My hometown is beautiful city I love it. My dream job My dreams changed since when I was child. Now I want to be banker because I believe it is one of the most promising and useful jobs for the society. My father is the reason why I chose this job because he is a banker. He wants me to be like him. Nowadays, many universities have graduate students in banking, but only a few of them go on to become professionals in this field. Usually a university degree is not enough, you need a doctoral program or an internship.My hobbyHonestly speaking, I have many hobbies but my favourites hobby is playing football. Usually I play football when I have free time. On weekends, I play football with my classmates. We spend wonderful time and get full energy, this good energy enough us rest of the week. I think my hobby is very useful for my health.Our instituteOur institute name is Denov Institute of entrepreneurship and pedagogy. This is institute founded in 2020 year. there are three main faculty in our institute. G’anisher rahimov is rector of our institute. Many students study in our inst. All most around seven thounds students. Our iinst consist of three buildings, we study at main buildings. In this ins I study faculty of entrepreneurship and management, my majory is banking. Now I am third course.Using of modern technologyNowadays, many modern tenologies have entered our lives. Without this tec we cant work affectively. In my experience I use modern tec almost everyday for example you can find more information in web for your study or anything else.Nowadays many sectors are using modern tec. For example in the past you hardly find taxies at late night but right now modern texnology changed it. You can find at any time taxis easily.
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