How he changed the world

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How he changed the world

Robert Nesta, who is known as Bob Marley was born in 1945 in Jamaica. His father was a quite rich white fifty year old official of the US navy and his mother was a Jamaican eighteen year old girl. When the family of the father knew about his marriage the inheritance of the man was cut off, and he, once having married the girl, left her pregnant and without money, and never was seen by her again but the day of Robert’ s birth.

Years later, when Bob was asked by the journalists if he, being half white half black, was on one of the two sides, he answered them that he had not taken any position. He was on God’s side.
Many people use to associate the name of Bob Marley almost only with cannabis and drugs. These people are ignorant and don’t know very much about this man.

Bob Marley is the man who made people of the whole world know reggae music, but it is not known by everyone that he also changed it. He made reggae one style of life, almost a cult, a religion, changing its first essence. For this reason people, who knew his music as reggae, never knew the real first reggae, so it got lost and forgotten.

People also began to know the country of Jamaica better, and its situation thanks to Bob’s songs, which tell about the problems of life and its injustice.

Because of this Bob Marley was given the acknowledgement of “Jamaican Order of Merit”, but this only happened one month after his death.

Now Bob Marley is a legend, the reggae style is known in all over the world, hairdressers began to be asked for one hair like that rebel, like that man who told about freedom and happiness,

They can be seen walking on every street in their clothes similar to the Jamaican ones and with their rasta hair, and Bob Marley still lives in their hearts.


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