Holidays in the United States

Holidays with other cultural or historical significance[edit]

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Holidays in the United States
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Holidays with other cultural or historical significance[edit]

Confederate States of America

The following holidays memorialize the historic Confederate States of America from the American Civil War:

  • Confederate Memorial Day is a public holiday observed by Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana[citation needed] and Texas and an unofficially observed holiday in some other states. It is often in late April to align with the final surrender of the last Confederate Army. Texas observes Confederate Heroes Day.

  • Confederate History Month has been declared at least once in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia as well as by various cities, usually in April to augment Confederate Memorial Day.

  • Robert E. Lee Day (on or around Lee's Jan 19 birthday) is still observed in Alabama and Mississippi combined with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the only remaining states to do so.[97] It is officially recognized in Florida, but is not widely observed there.[98]

  • Arkansas combined the observance of Robert E. Lee Day with Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1985.[99] In 2017, the state passed a law removing Lee's name from the January holiday and instead establishing a state memorial day on the second Saturday of October in honor of Lee.[

Drinking holidays[edit]

See also: Drinking culture

Crowds on Vine Street at the Oktoberfest in Cincinnati

According to the National Institutes of Health, about 86% of the population over 18 drinks alcohol recreationally or socially.[101] In the United States, the holidays that are considered the most "festive" are generally regarded as some of the "most drunken holidays." Celebrations usually revolve around barbecues and beer. Although many of these holidays lack any official status, they are generally observed by the drinking culture for the fact that these holidays revolve around drinking. One measurement of the popularity of these holidays is the amount of alcohol purchased for the occasion. One survey names New Year's Eve as the holiday on which the most alcohol is consumed based on sales. While many holidays are listed, some are generally notable for their drinking requirement while others are known for abstinence.[103]

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