FM003 Event Listing Request

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Event Name: Date of event:

Event Website, if any:

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These are the requirements that AURA expects in return for sanctioning and inclusion in its calendar:

  1. Event entry should be discounted for AURA members by a minimum of $10 or 10% per person. If a discount cannot be provided, an acceptable reason must be given to AURA.

  2. Places, with times, of the top three finishers both male and female should be sent to the results co-ordinator (John Oldfield) within 48 hours of the conclusion of the event.

  3. Full results should be sent to the results co-ordinator within 7 days of the race. These must be in the required format. An Excel template spreadsheet will be provided for this purpose. Note:

    1. IAU-labelled races must provide results within one week and must include the requisite information per the IAU (this includes citizenship data for each competitor).

    2. If results are not provided as agreed, no points will be awarded to members in the AURA points’ competition. AURA members will be made aware of this through AURA communications, including Facebook and the website,

    3. If sanctioning requirements are not met for the current year’s event (including provision of results in the format and timeframe outlined above), the event may not be considered for sanctioning in the subsequent year.

  4. Volunteers (AURA members) are also rewarded in the points’ competition. A list of AURA members (or possible members if you are not sure) should be submitted with the full results. Names only are required.

  5. We expect that the event organiser (EO) is an AURA member. The membership fee payable by an EO (if non-competing) is at a much lower rate than applies to full competing members. Where the EO has failed to purchase or maintain current membership, the value of a single, full membership will be added to the fee for event sanctioning.

  6. We expect that the EO would assist in making AURA promotional material available to event participants (e.g., complimentary copies of UltraMag provided by AURA; flying an AURA-provided sail at the event).

  7. Consideration that AURA be furnished with competitor information for its email database (first name, last name, email address). This information will not be passed on by AURA to third parties and naturally would need the consent of the event participant. This could be done simply by inserting a clause to this effect into the race participation agreement.

  8. An invoice for event sanctioning will be provided to the EO prior to the event. This invoice must be paid in full before the benefits of sanctioning will be provided. Insurance, if purchased through AURA, will also be added to this invoice and is payable in advance of the event, as per the terms listed on the invoice.

By signing this form you are agreeing to adhere to the above. If there are exceptional circumstances which may delay compliance with the results schedule please advise the results co-ordinator as quickly as possible, but no later than the above cut-off times.

…………………………………….… ……………………………

(Race Director) (date)

type full name as electronic signature

Do you wish to utilise AURA’s liability insurance policy (per PL003 – Event Listing)? yes no
If yes, what are your anticipated total number of entrants, including any sub-ultra co-occuring events? _______

AURA will advise you by email whether your event has been included on the insurance policy and will provide a certificate of currency and an invoice to be paid prior to your event.

Do you wish to apply for (or renew) IAU label(s)? yes no
Please send completed form to a minimum 2 months prior to your event.

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