Florence Nightingale Biography a child who was born in Florence-Italy, and grew up

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Florence Nightingale Biography
A child who was born in Florence-Italy, and grew up

in Derbyshire-Hampshire. She lived from 1820-1910, she completely changed living conditions in hospitals and by doing this made her famous. Her name is Florence nightingale.

Florence’s mother loved Florence so when her Child

was borne it was named after the city. Florence’s mother was called Frances smith, her father was called William Nightingale. William was a wealthy land owner.

Many years after she was born, Florence Nightingale

was taught at home by her father or a lady called Anna. As a young lady Florence thought that she heard god call to her and tell her to help others. After that she had an urge to be a nurse, her parents disagreed. After that she cared for sick pets and ill maids.

A few years later before she trained as a nurse, her father gave her 500 dollar allowance to help with the new hospital. Know one knows what hospital she trained at but we do know that she studied at St Thomas’s hospital. Only a few years later she was asked to go to turkey and do nursing in the Crimean war.
1853 the Crimean war broke out, Florence Nightingale was based in the barrack hospital at scutari. The living conditions in the hospital was terrible, Florence hated it. Only a year after the Crimean war began Florence built an army of 38 women nurses to help out. The women weren’t allowed to help for 7 months. 1907 Florence was the first the first woman to achieve the British order of mederit. Only one of six men died of war wounds. Florence was called lady of the lamp because she carried a lamp when she went to check on the ill men.
At the age of ninety Florence sadly died on august 13th 1910. Seven

days later she was buried in a family plot east wellow. Before she died she was asked if she wanted to be buried in West Minister Abby she refused and was buried in East Wellow. In her life Florence achieved what and more than she wanted.

By Bryony Berry

Florence Nightingale Biography

Many people in the past have been successful with their work, Florence Nightingale is one of them. She was born 1820 and lived up to 1910. She was famous for her nursing but not any old nursing she cleaned up our hospitals.
Florence Nightingale was the daughter of a wealthy family. Her father, William Edward Nightingale of Embly Park, her mother Fancy Nightingale and her older sister. As a child, Florence had some occasional treats with her father, who with out a son got bored. Florence had got her name from the town she was born in that was in Italy on the 12th May 1820. Instead of going to school stayed home and was educated by her dad, for instance Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian, history, philosophy and mathematics.
She grew up in England and at the age of 17 she felt a call from God for a good cause. Florence had turned down many suitors including the Duke of Huntington. At the time Florence had worked out that she was meant to nurse so she went to ask here parents but they refused after wanting her to become a socialite. But some how at the age of 25 she worked along side Elizabeth Blackwell at St. Bartholomew’s hospital in London 1851. When she was 31 years old she went to train in Kaicerwarth. And at the age of 33 she’s been awarded superintendent lady of the hospital.
Florence was now faced with the Crimean helping the sick miles from the battle field. Did you know more die in the hospital then in the war so when Florence saw the stat of the hospital she had to clean it up and that is why we know her. And for this reason she started a campaign to help raise the conditions in hospitals. In 1859 she had raised £59,000.
Florence Nightingale died catching an illness that made her go blind and other illness in 1895. She managed to hold on for 15 years before dying on the 13th August 1910 at the age of 90 in London. She lived longer then the Queen Victoria herself. She had a caring personality and was known as the Lady with the lamp. She was very happy with the way she lived her life. She was buried in East Wellow, Hampshire on 20th August 1910.

By Jack Harwood

Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale was born in Florence on the 12th of May 1820. She lived part of a wealthy family with her mother, father and one older sister. She grew up in Derbyshire and Hampshire, and was famous for her nursing and changing the hospital conditions. Florence lived an important life and died on August 13th 1910 in London.
In her childhood, she spent her summers in Derbyshire and her winters in Hampshire. Florence got educated at home by her father, as most rich girls around the time when Florence was born did not have to learn, but her father wanted Florence to learn so he taught her a range of subjects such as, mathematics, science, history and philosophy. Her father’s name was William, mother’s name was fanny and her sister’s name was partheanope.
Later on in her teenage years, Florence decided that she wanted to become a nurse, so in her spare time she cared for sick pets and servants. At the age of seventeen Florence believed that she was called by God to help suffering and miserable people.
A few years on, Florence asked her father if she could become a nurse, at first her father would not let her but in 1851 when Florence was 31, her father gave in and let her go to Germany to train. Before Florence started training, in 1850 she went to Alexandria, Egypt and began studying nursing at Saint Vincent de Paul. And in 1849 she went to Europe to study European hospital system. Eventually she was running a hospital in London in 1853.
In 1854, the Crimean war started and Florence was asked to go to Turkey to manage the nursing of British soldiers. She also travelled to Scutari to help British soldiers. Florence stayed there for a long time, while she was there she did lots of useful things like, changing the horrible hospital conditions in to nicer ones, to help stop the soldiers from catching diseases. She also was called the lady of the lamp because she barely took time of to sleep and carried a lamp with her. After two years the Crimean war broke out and Florence returned to England in 1856.
When Florence returned to England, she had songs written about her because of her good work and received many awards including one from Queen Victoria. Florence wrote letters to hospitals which would put pressure on them to change the hospital conditions, she also wrote a book called, notes for nursing, which became very popular. It was published in 1860 and was the only thing that got her money in her life. Florence did not want to become famous; but after what she had done she became a heroine.
Soon Florence set up a training school for young nurses at Saint Thomas hospital. Eventually Florence died of old age in London, on the 13th of August 1910 at the age of ninety. On the 20th of August, Florence was buried at East Wellow, Hampshire in her family plot, in St Margret’s church. Florence was offered to be buried at Westminster Abbey in London, but her family wouldn’t let her because they wanted her to become a socialite but Florence became a famous nurse instead.
By Polly Luscombe

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