Dfi clinical Trial Differs from csssi trial

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DFI Clinical Trial

  • Differs from cSSSI trial

    • Risk factors (vascular, neuropathy, diabetes itself)
    • Adjunctive therapy

Desirable Features of a Study

  • Designed to optimize enrollment:

    • Includes most types of diabetic foot infections (cellulitis, infected ulcer, deep tissue infection)
    • Allows inpatient or outpatient therapy
    • Allows intravenous or oral therapy
    • Allows additional antibiotic agents for resistant organisms

Study Inclusion Criteria - 1

  • Male or female over age 18

  • Be able & willing to give informed consent and complete all study activities

  • Diabetes mellitus (by ADA criteria); either type, any treatment acceptable

  • Infected lesion of lower extremity:

    • cellulitis, deep soft tissue infection, infected ulcer, septic arthritis, paronychia, abscess

Study Inclusion Criteria - 2

  • Infected lesion can

Yüklə 58 Kb.

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