Deakin Anime Club Newsletter a brief message from your it manager, Daniel Coomans

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Deakin Anime Club Newsletter

A brief message from your IT Manager, Daniel Coomans
Hey guys, hope everyone had a great time at Supanova this weekend just past, it was good to see many of you floating around the venue, I apologise if I didn’t approach anyone or was hard to find as I was attending many of the seminars and jotting down notes for my article. As usual screenings are located in Building I, LT1 of the Burwood Campus.

I also apologise for not notifying everyone that I would be absent, however I will be back this week and if anyone needs to collect any of the anime off me, including last trimesters for all those who might be interested in what we screened back then you’re more than welcome to come to me and grab them, you will need at least 25Gb of space for T1 2015 and another 50Gb for T3 of 2014.

Anime News:

Attack on Titan Popularity Poll:
J-star’s VS+ adds Bleach characters:
Godzilla game coming to PS4:

DAC Events:
Member’s Choice: Saturday the 18th of April
Cosplay Picnic and Asian Film Night: Saturday May 2nd
Details available at: and our Facebook page.

Anime Screenings for Friday the 17th:

Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 9&10
Gugure! Kokkuri-san Episode 6
Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5&6 (Double)
Barakamon Episode 5
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 6
Parasyte –The Maxim- Episode 9&10

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