Deakin Anime Club Newsletter a brief message from your it manager, Daniel Coomans

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Deakin Anime Club Newsletter

A brief message from your IT Manager, Daniel Coomans
Hey guys, hope everyone had a great easter break and is refreshed and ready for another week of anime club. As usual screenings are located in Building I, LT1 of the Burwood Campus.

Not much to mention this week, of course please keep an eye out for any rubbish or lost items before the screening begins so that we can give DUSA a heads up that it’s not our fault, also remember to keep the room tidy and to respectfully keep the noise levels down as much as humanely possible, we won’t stop you from getting a little excited however as we know that we all enjoy some of the anime this Trimester. For all lovers of pop culture, don’t forget that Supanova Expo is this Friday the 10th at 6pm-10pm as well as Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm and promises to be an exciting weekend of special guests, anime, comics and sci-fi so don’t miss out on that. Convention details are available here: Tickets are $55 Pre-purchase from Mosthix, or $70 at the door for a weekend pass, $32 Pre-purchase or $40 at the door for a single day pass (Sat OR Sun)

Anime News:

Kana Hanazawa, Hiroshi Kamiya Lead in Favorite Voice Actor Poll:

Poll Ranks Which Anime/Manga Villain Would Make the Best Friend:

DAC Events:
Member’s Choice: Saturday the 18th of April
Cosplay Picnic and Asian Film Night: Saturday May 2nd
Details available at: and our Facebook page.

Anime Screenings for Friday the 20th:

Magic Kaito 1412 Episode 7&8
Gugure! Kokkuri-san Episode 4&5 (Double)
Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 4
Barakamon Episode 4
Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist Episode 5
Parasyte –The Maxim- Episode 7&8

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