Contented ant

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one of them one day an ant was on his way

man. He knew the language of all birds and creatures.

"Why is your head so big?" the man asked

from the ant.

"My head is full of intelligence," was the reply

gave the ant.

"Why is your waist so thin?" he asked again


"Because I eat very little," said the ant.

"So how much do you eat?" - keep asking

reached man.

"One grain of wheat is enough for me for a year," replied the ant.

"Let's see if a grain of wheat is enough for a year."

said the man, and opened the lining of his hat.

. He put a grain of wheat with an ant.

A year has passed since then. Man has completely forgotten about ants. Suddenly the second year was coming to an end

remembered his deal with the ant. When he opened his hat, he saw that the ant was still sitting next to him

half a grain of wheat.

"You said a grain of wheat would last me a year, and two years from now you have half a grain in stock," said the man in astonishment.

"A fool who stuck me in his hat."

let him be hungry, thinking that he must have completely forgotten

I dyed the wheat into four pieces so as not to die,

replied the ant

Yüklə 8,3 Kb.

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