Community Friends Meeting 3960 Winding Way Cincinnati, oh 45229

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Community Companion

Community Friends Meeting

3960 Winding Way

Cincinnati, OH 45229
Volume 12, Issue 8 (513) 861-4353 August 2006
Presiding Clerk: Ministry & Counsel: Newsletter Collaborative:

Deborah Jordan Kate Anthony (SA) Willard Vaughan

Assistant Clerk: Eileen Bagus Agnes Moon

Ken Bordwell Byron Branson Stewardship

Recording Clerk: Lisa Cayard (C) Mary Anne Curtiss

Tim Leonard Jamie Fota Marjorie Isaacs

Treasurer: Sunny Rhein

Malcolm Morriss Frank Huss Web Page Clerks:

Statistician: Deborah Jordan Eric Wolff

Lisa Cayard Eugenia Mills Dan Myers


All events and meetings take place at the Meeting House unless otherwise noted.

8 / 06

Religious Development Committee at Rise of Meeting

8 / 08

Jesus Discussion Group @ 7:30 pm

8 / 10-12 / 06

“Quilts for Change” show by Zonta Club (

8 18

Ad hoc budget committee at Marjorie Isaacs 3315 Ashmont, Pleasant Ridge, at 8:15 pm

8 / 19

Peace and Social Concerns

8 / 27

Ministry and Counsel @ Jamie and Kate’s after worship

9/29 –10/ 1

Fall Retreat at Quaker Knoll “Living Our Testimonies as a Community”

Join Community Friends Meeting Annual Renewal  09 / 29 to 10 / 1, 2006
Our annual renewal is Friday evening, 9 / 29 through 10 / 1, 2006 at Quaker Knoll Camp.  Many of us

appreciate this opportunity to share and grow in the Spirit with our Meeting community.  This year's theme is "Living our Testimonies as a Community."   We will focus on how we are affirmed and supported in our individual and corporate witness.  Patricia Thomas will facilitate the programmed part of our renewal.   There is also time to relax, hike, talk, read, write, and have fun.  We close after worship and lunch on Sunday.  Children are welcome; childcare will be provided.  More information will be forthcoming.

Patricia Thomas shared this bio of herself:  I am a life-long Friend, a graduate of Earlham School of Religion with a Master of Ministry (MMin) '90.  I am serving as Clerk of WYM Ministry and Counsel and Clerk of
Campus Friends Meeting (WYM/OVYM).  I serve as a Spiritual Director for ESR students as well as members of the Wilmington College community. And, I have enjoyed writing devotions for Fruit of the Vine, a Barclay Press publication. I am married to Doug Woodmansee, a Biology Professor at Wilmington College, and we live happily on his family farm in southwest Ohio. I have two grown sons and 6 grand sons with another on the way!

Note from Newsletter Editor: Beginning our last newsletter, we began presenting a draft of the minutes for the Meeting for Concern for Business. This is to allow all to see immediately see the draft and make the concerns and activities of the meeting relevant to the members who may not be able to attend meetings.
Draft Minutes for the Meeting for Worship with Attention

to Business Seventh Month Ninth Day, 2006

The meeting largely focused on financial matters, with a report from Treasurer Malcolm Morris, an audit report conducted by Wayne Woodward, and reported by Eileen Bagus, and a report from the Stewardship Committee made by Mary Anne Curtiss.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer reported that $3,693 was contributed to the meeting during the Sixth Month. In handing out his report, Malcolm Morris announced some changes in his reporting style in the hope that the changes will make the report more accessible to Friends. He also indicated a need to create a separate line for the Cannon Fund to distinguish it more clearly from the meeting budget. This recommendation was taken up later in the meeting. The treasurer’s report was approved.

The Audit

Eileen Bagus distributed the 11 page audit report developed and contributed free of charge by Wayne Woodward. The report highlighted some things the meeting ought to pay attention to in managing and documenting its financial affairs.


The first area of concern is the documentation in support of payments made, for only 33% of payments were supported by documentation. On this point Malcolm Morris asked for statements from each committee that tells him who requested the payment, for what purpose, and to whom the payment was made. Receipts would be included in such documentation.

The Cannon Fund

The second area of concern was the Cannon Fund. This fund, named for Josephine Cannon, is managed by a separate board of trustees for the use of members who have specific needs. The sense of the meeting was that, based on the audit report, it is time to separate the accounting for the Cannon Fund from the accounting for the General Fund.

Stewardship Committee

Based on these findings, the meeting approved a request that the Stewardship Committee, in conjunction with the Treasurer, develop a set of procedures to insure a clear paper trail for all revenues and expenditures for the General Fund and the Cannon Fund, and that these two funds be accounted for separately. The meeting also approved the notion that the meeting have an audit of both funds conducted every other year. Since we cannot expect a contributed audit, such as Wayne Woodward’s on a regular basis, some question remained about the funding of such an audit.

The audit report was accepted, and it was agreed that the Clerk write a special letter of thanks to Wayne Woodward for his more than generously contributed services.
Committee Reports

The Stewardship Committee reported their recommendation that Friends consider making automatic contributions through their banks to the meeting. They also reminded Friends that they can buy grocery vouchers at Kroger’s, which would pay 4% of their costs to the meeting. Fair Trade coffee is also on sale as well as T-shirts each First Day in the pantry. Tim Leonard, Recording Clerk

Recent Communications from Wilmington Yearly Meeting
The Board on Christian Concerns for Peace and Society will present this minute to Yearly Meeting in Friendsville, Tennessee, July 6-9, 2006. We hope members have had an opportunity to discuss it and be prepared to accept this minute in each of their monthly meetings as well as a part of the Yearly Meeting. The Board will be presenting a series of meetings in the fall on parenting/discipline to compliment these minutes
In the state of Ohio, as in all states except Minnesota, parents are permitted to use reasonable corporal punishment of children. Corporal punishment is defined by the National Association of School Psychologists as "any intervention which is designed to or likely to cause physical pain in order to stop or change behavior." The members of the Board on Christian Concerns for Peace and Society believe that we should join others in explaining why corporal punishment is ineffective and harmful. Moreover, we have a responsibility to find nonviolent alternatives to corporal punishment. We encourage members of Wilmington Yearly Meeting to consider these minutes as the first step in changing our attitude toward and practice of corporal punishment as a tool for disciplining children.
Corporal Punishment by Parents and Care Givers

Whereas corporal punishment models aggressive behavior as a solution to conflict;

Whereas some research has associated corporal punishment with increased aggression in children and adults, increased substance abuse, increased risk of crime and violence, low self-esteem and chronic depression;
Whereas Jesus has consistently taught love, discipline, and caring relationships as Christian principles;

Whereas there are many methods more effective than corporal punishment for stopping undesirable behavior;

Whereas the effectiveness of corporal punishment decreases with subsequent use, therefore leading care givers to hit children more severely;

Whereas children must eventually develop their own conscience and self discipline not dependent on pain and/or fear but best fostered by an environment of love, respect and trust.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Wilmington Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends opposes corporal punishment as a means of disciplining children. Be it further resolved that Wilmington Yearly Meeting encourages parents and care givers to participate in dialogue and education on effective discipline of children.

Corporal Punishment in Schools and Child Care Facilities

Whereas schools and child care facilities are the only institutions in America in which corporal punishment is legal;

Whereas corporal punishment is humiliating to children and sometimes causes injury;

Whereas it is difficult to imagine Jesus condoning any action that is intended to hurt children physically or psychologically;

Whereas corporal punishment sends a message that hitting smaller and weaker people is acceptable;

Whereas there are effective alternatives to corporal punishment that teach children to be self disciplined rather than to submit out of fear;

Whereas schools and child care centers should inspire children to enjoy learning and school and child care personnel should encourage positive behavior without hitting children;

Therefore, be it resolved that Wilmington Yearly Meeting urges legislators to enact laws prohibiting corporal punishment in schools and day and residential child care facilities.

To that end, a copy of this minute will be sent to state representatives.

(Note: Uncertain of status of this minute)

Peace Focus Peacemaker Diplomacy
Source: Witness, newsletter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation Volume 2006, Issue 2, summer edition
The Rev. Roy Bourgeois has been working to close the US Army School of Americas since the 1980s. The Pentagon did shut it down when Bourgeois and his growing movement, the School for the Americas Watch, came within a few votes in Congress to suspend operations. That was December 2000. A month later the Defense Department announced a new school called The Western Hemisphere Institute of Cooperation (WHINSEC). Congressman Joe Moakley of Massachusetts said the new name was akin to “pouring perfume on a toxic dump”.
Two years ago, Roy Bourgeois met with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and asked him to remove his troops from Ft. Benning. Within a month, Chavez ordered all Venezuelan troops home. This past March, Bourgeois, Carlos Mauricio and Lisa Sullivan teamed in an historic peacemaker trip to the leadership of Bolivia, Uruguay, and Argentina. In each country they asked the leadership to remove their troops from Ft. Benning. All three countries agreed to do so.
Meanwhile, the US congressional Rules Committee will decide whether to allow a vote on a new bill (HR 1217) to suspend operations of WHINSEC for six months. If the bill is allowed to go up for a vote (most likely as an amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill) a team of eight appointed truth commission members will study mounds of documented human rights abuses charged to graduates of the SOA and WHINSEC. Congressman Jim McGovern is confident that the truth will come out.
Whatever the outcome, Bourgeois, Sullivan and Mauricio will be going on another peacemaker mission to Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Paraguay in August 2006.
By Jack Gilroy (FOR Witness editors note: Jack was arrested, convicted and sentenced to a six month federal prison term for his protest against the SOA in 2000 in Ft Benning GA.
Submitted by Mary Anne Curtiss, Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Community Friends Meeting

3960 Winding Way

Cincinnati, OH 45229
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