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Boeing - Navai Aghasiyev

Environmental Strategy: Since the early 70s Boeing researched the opportunity to explore energy in a more environmentally friendly. Boeing built photovoltaic cells, in one of the subsidiaries held SPECTROLAB Inc. Sylmar, California. Also the company built wind turbines and designed solar energy system satellite. Boeing renewed its commitment with Energy Star, a joint program of the US Department of Energy and US Environmental Protection Agency who works with industry to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Boeing also managed to reduce energy and water consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and hazardous waste at its facilities and obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification at the end of 2008. Certification at the globally recognized standard is the benchmark for commitment of an organization to understand and continue to improve the environmental performance. Boeing has experimented demonstration flights with sustainable biofuels in collaboration with airlines companies Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand, Continental and JAL. By participating in research programs the company studied different air traffic management concepts such as “tailored arrivals”, which significantly reduce fuel consumption, emissions and noise by improving the efficiency of air traffic. In 2008, Boeing, Virgin Atlantic and GE aviation conducted the first commercial flight using sustainable fuel and the first manned flight of an aircraft powered by hydrogen fuel cells. In 2008, Boeing has signed an agreement with Airbus to work together in order to reduce the effects of aviation on the environment.

Evaluation of Planning Function of Management

The planning function of management is the most crucial function as it pertains to plan about the future and designing several future courses of actions. It is a preliminary move in the functioning of a firm. It is an organized activity that defines when, how and who is going to execute an explicit task. Planning function of management is also recognized as a detailed programme concerning future courses of action (Drucker, 2008). With the help of planning, it becomes easy for a firm to consider all its available & potential human and physical resources. This consideration facilitate in getting an effective co-ordination, involvement & ideal balance.

At Boeing, the planning function of management is a procedure through which it set its goals and objectives. It assists the company and its management in developing plans including several activities and tasks that need to be accomplished to reach at its eventual goal. These different plans of Boeing are developed by considering numerous account variables and unanticipated happenings (Spindler, 2008). The planning function of management, facilitate the company in making plans for the unexpected occurrences. As well, in the development of tactics that can be used to avoid the chaos linked up with unanticipated challenges or troubles.

In Boeing, planning is critical for all its departments. The company’s different departments like engineering, sales, mechanical and product testing department work effectively by planning their specific tasks and goals. The company make use of planning with the help of subsequent steps:

In the initial step, the company management evaluates the situation that affects or may affect its goals.

Then, the company management identifies alternative goals and plans that it may use in its critical situations.

Next step is related with the evaluation of all established goals and plans.

In the fourth step, it is required by management to select final plan that will be used.

The planning function of management has become an integrated part of company operations and due to this the company has become able in attaining leading position in the industry. Whatever plan is selected, is communicated to all its employees by the management of the company so that they can also become a significant part of it. Influence of Legal Issues, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility on Management Planning
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