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Boeing - Navai Aghasiyev

Involvement in research programs launched by public institutions like NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). In the Apollo project, Boeing has provided a comprehensive and integrated system for the entire project. Over time, Boeing has cooperated with its rivals, General Electric and Hughes Aircraft Co., to design and build the Viking Mars probe. Its role was to collect scientific data on surface features on Mars and to discover whether there is life on Mars. Moreover other programs that certify the company's involvement in top research activity were: the AtlasCentaur construction vehicle a project on which Boeing has worked with General Dynamics and the North American Rocketdyne and was responsible for tracking, communications and mission operations; design, development, construction and integration of the International Space Station, program launched by NASA; development and integration of software components for International Space Station; updates of communication, navigation and electrical systems S-3B Viking of anti-submarine warfare, involvement in the Minuteman Force Development Evaluation flight-test program. The Minuteman ICBM is a three-stage, solid-fueled strategic missile first deployed in the 1960s. Boeing was also involved in the research program Next-Generation Air Transportation System, which aims to develop methods for managing the air traffic growth expected by 2020 and increase safety, security and environmental performance, in which FAA has also a key role. According to Ecorys report The European Corresponding program is the SESAR project. To ensure coordination of the two programs and in particular the use of compatible technology, the European Commission and the FAA have signed a cooperation agreement in July 2006.

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