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Boeing - Navai Aghasiyev

Technological innovations: had a significant impact on every aspect of business and manufacturing. During World War I the company was one of the leading manufacturer’s trainer aircraft. Boeing produced "the country’s most important heavy bombers", which were used in World War II and the first pilotless aircraft. In order to coordinate the new technologies developed as pilotless aircraft, missiles and launch systems, Boeing has developed a massive analog system, called BEMAC which has become a catalyst for today's computers. As surveillance technologies have evolved, the company developed an airport surveillance system (AWACS) and designed, installed and operated nationwide telecommunications network for NASA. Focusing on the market space Boeing has been involved in major programs as Apollo project, Dyna-Soar Boeing, International Space Station, developing innovative technologies that have a significant impact in the field. On the civil market, Boeing introduced in 1930 the first aircraft models with one row of wings (monoplane aircraft) which, even if they were too advanced for that time, paved the way for the development of large civil aircrafts of the company. He also developed the first aircraft that could cross the Atlantic and the first pressurized passenger aircraft. The two planes have attracted worldwide passengers during 1940, more than 2.2 million people have traveled over 150 million kilometers. The company launched on the market aircrafts that involved fuel efficiency in a period when its prices increased, and which were aim at reducing noise and increasing flight performance. Boeing also launched its first 3 engines aircraft design for small airports with short runways and the first aircraft with a large capacity called “Jumbo Jet” 747 that was built in the period in which air traffic has increased and airports became congested. After the events of 2001, the company introduced video monitoring equipment on the market which increased security by allowing pilots to observe the passengers cabin and the whole flight process. Technologies and innovative concepts continue to keep Boeing Commercial Airplanes in the industrial standards for passenger comfort and fuel efficiency.

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