Aubrey pac annual General Meeting (agm)

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Aubrey PAC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

1) Principal's Update - Ms. Merani

See attached summary.

2) Outdoor Classroom Project - Mrs. Carlsen Div. 12 K/1 Teacher

Jolene Carlsen has created a school garden with her K/1 kids from division 12. Currently, there are 4-5 teachers overseeing the garden and roughly 15 kids in the garden club. She would like to request some financial support from the PAC for materials broken down on attached memo. She has already coordinate some students and their families to volunteer on a weekly schedule during the summer to water and care for the gardens.

Please see attached for more details.

The PAC Executive team will vote on this request during the Executive meeting that follows the AGM.

3) PAC Financials Year End Overview - Nicole

The Bank balance is $32, 891. Nicole has applied for the gaming grant on June 3rd worth roughly $7400.

See attached spreadsheet of Fundraisers & Expenditures

4) Nominations & Elections for 2015/2016 School Year's PAC - Eugenia

Prior to nominations, there was a note that the SPC has been put on hold by the Ministry and they are changing the structure. Eugenia was able to sign a letter/petition on behalf of the PAC indicating the importance of having an SPC presence.

Positions elected:

Chair: to be revisited during September AGM

Vice Chair: to be revisited during September AGM

Treasurer: Nicole

Cheque writers: Chair, Teresa, Gael

Deposits: Kate

Secretary: Susanna, Lisa & Jacqui

DPAC: Sandra & Vivian

Members at large: Tina, Pat, Giulia, Hanif, Danielle, Stella, Cherie, Sandon

Committee Leads:

Food Day: Teresa (Giulia & Laura to shadow for 2016/2017 succession)

Healthy Eating Program: Elena (Tammy has food safe)

Earthquake Preparedness: Tina

Pancake Breakfast: Hanif

Summer Book Sale: Sandon & Danielle

Teacher Luncheon: Eugenia & Danielle

Walk to School: Rachel & Cherie

Sports Day: Laura, Giulia & Teresa

Traffic Safety: Gael

Clothing Drive: Pat

Fundraising: Tina & May

Volunteer Coordinator: Stella

Babysitting: Stella

Website Developer: Rachel (website will use:

The Chair and Vice Chair roles will be voted in September at the next AGM.

5) Ideas for Fundraisers & Guest Speakers - All

TIna: Suggested Pita Bread Factory fundraising, which is selling pies and cookies. She also suggested a Jar raffle. Tina also thinks that the Walkathon should be kept and perhaps a Mother's Day and Father's Day raffle draw be added; however, any raffle will require a license.

Eugenia: Suggested that we combine the Pizza, Purdy's & Pita Bread Factory (cookies & pies) together so that we are not asking parents to offer donations so many times.

Guest speakers that were suggested included: iGirl/iGuy, Stand By Me, Jesse Miller and will all be voted in Executive Meeting.

Tina suggested having a guest speaking about smoking, which then led to discussions about drugs and potentially having a VPD member or the Burnaby Community Liaison come to Aubrey for a talk.

It was clarified by Lisa that Public Health Nurses are no longer allowed to educate students in school so they would be unable to come to Aubrey.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

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