Allan Ralph Andrews, born September 13

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Allan Ralph Andrews, born September 13th 1939 in Long Beach, California at 4:03 AM

DNA analysis appears to connect me with William Andrews, born 1649 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, died 7 Feb 1716 and with his wife Margaret Woodward, born 1655 in Boston and died 1723 in Ipswich, there is also a connection with Jonathan Andrews, born 8 Aug 1695 and died 10 June 1759 and with Richard Richards, born 1724 in Baltimore, Maryland and with his father Edward Richards, born 10 April 1678 in Manchester and died 29 Nov 1756 in Baltimore and with his wife Mary Head, born 1690 in Manchester, England and died 1785 in Baltimore.

Now this creates a problem because the established ancestry, as discussed elsewhere makes Ralph B. Andrews (1907 – 1997) my father, Allen Shipley Andrews (1880 -1910), my grandfather, William D. Andrews (1859 -1932), my great grandfather, and Jacob Andrews (1828 -1912), his father, and Jeremiah Andrews (1790 -1857), his father in turn, and finally Jeremiah Andrews I (1765 -1828) the ancestor of this line who is said to have been born in Ireland. My father maintained that the Andrews line came from Boston. DNA links me with Catherine Neiswonger (1792 -1878), wife of Jeremiah Andrews II.

Is it possible that there was a confusion here and that it was Jeremiah Andrew’s wife Susannah Andrews (born in Ireland 1767) that was the source of the Andrews connections to Ireland and that Jeremiah I was actually a son of Jonathan Andrews of Boston, see above references. Jacob Andrews, the source of the information that we have, was a farmer and was supporting the Democrats when questioned about his origins, he may not have wished to connect himself with Boston, which may have been voting Republican at the time. In contrast, my father, now long disconnected from any agricultural interests, was a solid Republican and had no problem tracing his ancestry to what was, at that time, a conservative manufacturing state.

As for the Richards ancestry, that seems to relate to my Bosley line on my father’s mother’s side. More about that later. Looking at I have on Andrews, it seems that my Jeremiah Andrews line derives from Ephraim Andrews of Ipswich, MA, born 1724 and died 1779 in Marchias, Maine and his wife Anna Brown, born 23 April 1730 in Brookfield MA, and died 1771, her father Timothy Brown, born August 17th 1710 in Stow, MA and died 3 Jan 1770 in Swanzey, NH., and her mother Thankful Olmsted, born 15 Feb 1712 in Brookfield, MA and died 6 Oct 1743 in Brookfield, and her father Jabez Olmstead (1690 -1752) and his wife Thankful Barnes (1695 -1745), all of which seem to match my DNA sample in some way.

Catherine Neiswonger, born 1796 in York PA and died 1875 in Beaver City, PA, was the wife of Jeremiah Andrews, 1790 -1857. Her father was John Nighswonger, born 1729 in Lancaster PA. and died 1 Dec 1788 in Winchester Virginia. Her mother was Mary Magdalena Cooper, born 14 Apr 1727 in Oberacher, Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany and died 1800 in Frederick, Virgina. The father of Mary was Johann Jacob Kieffer, born 9 Jan 1700 in Oberacker, Karsruhe, Baden, Germany, died 1758 in Frederick, Virginia, Mary’s mother was Anna Maria Dellinger, born 14 Mar 1700 in Oberaker and died 13 Jan 1776 in Oberaker. Kieffer’s father was Johann Friedrich Kieffer, born 23 May 1673 in Munzesheirm Baden Werttemberg, Germany and died 1732 in Somerset, PA. Kieffer’s mother was Anna Maria Scheuffelin, born 1677 in Karlsruhe, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany and died 10 Mar 1707 in Germany. Anna Dellingers Father was Hans Andreas Dellinger, born 28 Aug 1659 in Bruchsal, Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany and died 5 Mar 1734 in Oberacker. Her mother was Agnes Katterman born 20 Aug 1634 in Oberaker and died after 1670 in Baden Wuerttemberg.

John Neighswonger’s father was Christian Neiswander, born 1728 in Colebrooksdale, Lancaster, PA and died 1794 in Frederick, Maryland. His mother was Mary Catherine Hearsay, born 1740 in Lancaster, PA and died 10/28/1782 in Lancaster. Christian’s father was Christian Neuschwanger, born 1703 in Bern Switzerland and died 22 Feb 1738. Christian’s mother was Maria Magdalena Herr, born 1703 in Baden-Wuerttenberg and died 1792 in Winchester, Virginia. Maria Magdalena’s father was Abraham Herr, born 1660 in Switzerland and died 18 May 1735 in Manor, Lancaster, PA. Her mother was Anna Bare, born 1660 in Selbitz, Bayreuth, Bayren, Germany and died 1720 in Manor, Lancaster, PA. All of the above appear to have connections to my DNA.

Hannah Carlisle was the wife of Jabob Andrews and the mother of William D. Andrews. She was born 22 Mar 1838 in Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio and died 1900 in Florence, Washington, PA. Her Father was John Carlisle, born 1796 in Springfield, Essex, New Jersey and died Jan 1876 in Columbiania, Ohio. Her mother was Margaret Hephner, born 1800 in PA and died 23 Nov. 1882 in East Palestine, Columbiana, Ohio. John Carlisle’s father was Daniel P. Carlisle, born Springfield, NJ in 1775 and died in Center Township in Columbiana Ohio 18 Sept 1843. Daniel’s mother was Abagail Mansfield and her father was Stephen Mansfield, born 14 Nov 1716 in New Haven Connecticut and died 15 July 1774 in New Haven. Abagail’s mother was Hannah Beach, born 12 Nov 1728 in Wallingford, New Haven and died 20 Sept. 1795 in New Haven. Hannah Beach’s father was Elnathan Beach, born 7 July 1698 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut and died 16 Aug 1742 in Cheshire, New Haven, Connecticut. Hannah’s mother was Abigail Ufford, born May 1700 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut and died 2 Dec 1738 in New Haven. Abigail Ufford’s father was Samuel Ufford, born in Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut 25 June 1670 and died 30 Dec 1746 in Stratford, Connecticut. Her mother was Elizabeth Curtis born 17 of Jan 1677 in Stratford and died 26 Apr 1709 in Stratford. Elnathan’s father was Isaac Beach born 1669-06-27 in Stratford and died 1741-04-30 in Stratford and his mother was Hannah Birdseye, born 1671-02-05 in Stratford and died 1750-10-15 in Stratford.

John Carlisle’s mother was Sarah Hunt, born 5 Sept 1776 in Redington, New Jersey and died 16 Sept 1847 in Center Twp., Columbiana, Ohio. Her mother was Ann Nancy Davis, born 3-10-1754 in Readington and died 7-27-1840 in Fayette County PA. Ann’s father was John Davis, born 1726 in New Jersey and died 1780 in Readington and Ann’s mother was Catherine Talmage, born 1725 in New Jersey and died 11 April 1759 in Suffolk, Livingston, New York. John Davis was the son of Evan David Davis, born June 1685 in Merion Township, PA and died Dec 1748 in Pencader, New Castle, Delaware. His mother was Jane Rees, born in 1693 in Montgomery PA and died 1723 in New Castle, Delaware. All of the above appear to have DNA connections with my DNA.

Margaret Hepner, wife of John Carlisle, was the daughter of Johanna Jacob Hopffner, born Aug. 6, 1755 in Eschwge, Hessen Kassel, Germany, died Sept. 1835 in Lisbon, Ohio. She was the daughter of Maria Dorthea Schumacher, born 1758 in Frederick County, Maryland and died Feb. 7th 1831 in Center Township, Ohio. Her father was Bartholomew Shoemaker, born 1738 in Cleeborg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France and died 8 Nov 1793 in Washington, PA. He was the son of Rudolph Schumacher, born in 1693 in Cleebourg and died 2 Aug 1767 in Frederick, Maryland. Bartholomew was the son of Catherine Schmacher, born 1695 in Cleeborg and died in Alsace, France in 1752.

Maria Dorthea Schumacher was the daughter of Anna Barbara Balssel born 29 Sept 1727 in Klingen, Aichach-Friedberg, Bayern, Germany and died 8 Nov 1793 in Moon, Allegheny, PA.. Anna was the daughter of Hans Peter Balssel, born 1704 in Klingen, Alsace, Germany and died 1778 in Frederick, Maryland and Anna Barbara Fenner, born 6 Jan 1705 in Klingen and died 27 Jan 1743 in Thaleschweiler, Bayern, Germany.

Anna Barbara Fenner was the daughter of Anna Barbara Agne, born in Thaleischewiler, Sudwestpfalz, Rhienland-Pfalz, Germany and died in Thaleischewiler. All of the above appear to have DNA connections to me.

The mother of Allen Shipley Andrews, see above, was Agnes Belle Thornburg, born 18 June 1855 in Mt. Pleasant Township, Washington, County, PA and died 2 Feb 1951 in Dennison, Tuscarawas, Ohio. She was the daughter of John Shipley Thornburgh, born 13 Aug 1817 and died 24 Jul 1894 and Eliza Jane Summerwell, born 1822 in Pennsylvania and died Apr 1864 in Newville, De Kalb, Indiana. John Shipley Thornburg appears to have been the son of James Shipley Thornburgh, born 1780 in Maryland and died in Knox, Ohio and Eve Coon, born in Virginia in 1782. The DNA evidence seems to indicate that James was the son of Benjamin Thornburgh, born around 1750 in Berkeley, Virginia, and died 1835 in Lost Creek, Jefferson, Tennessee and Mary Elizabeth Shipley, born 1753 in Howard, Maryland, and died in Baltimore in 1795. Benjamin Thornburg, 1750 -1835, appears to be the son of Benjamin Thornburg, born 7 Jan 1728 in Warwick Township, Lancaster County, PA and died 22 Jan 1795, Martinsburg, Berkeley County, Virginia, and Mary Brooks, born 1738 in Frederick, Virginia and died 4 Dec 1783 in Berkeley, James, Virginia. Benjamin was the son of Thomas Thornburg, born 1690 in Ulster, Cavan, Ireland and died 20 Jul 1758 in Lancaster, PA. and Sarah M. Haman, born 1693 in Cootehill, Cavan, Ireland and died 1758 in Lancaster, PA. Sarah is given as the daughter of Hans Hamann, born 27 Oct 1641 in Wurttemberger Hof, Schwabish Hall, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany and died 13 Feb 1703 in Bretten, Karlsruhe, Baden Wuerttemberg. Her mother is given as Anna Maria Eckardt, born 14 Aug 1652 in Bretten and died in Bretten 03 Mar 1703. Although my DNA appears to connect with all the above, there must be a missing generation connecting Germany to Ireland. If Maria Eckardt had a child born 1672, that child could be the father of Sarah in 1693.

The father of Mary Brooks is Matthew Brooks, born 1711 in Virginia and died 4 Mar 1765 in Winchester, Virginia. Her mother is Elizabeth Warren, born 1715 in Sptryl, Virginia and died 1759 in Winchester. Her father is Thomas Warren, born 1682 in Old Rappahannock City, Virginia, died 13 April 1749 in Anne Parish, Planter, Spotsylvania City, VA. Her mother is Mary Hackley, born 1684 in Essex, Virginia and died 31 Jan 1750 in Spotsylvania, VA. All of the above is supported by DNA evidence.

The father of Mary Ann Shipley appears to be George Shipley, born in Queen Annes Parish, Prince George, Maryland 20 Sept 1726 and died 12 Jun 1789 at “Shipley’s adventure” Anne Arundel, Maryland. Her mother was Catherine Ogg, born 15 July 1728 in Baltimore and died 1804 in Anne Arundel, Maryland. George Shipley’s father was Robert Shipley, born 1678 in Annapolis, Maryland and died 9 March 1763 in Annapolis. His Mother was Elizabeth Ketura Stevens, born 1680 in Dorchester, Maryland and died 1761 in Queen Caroline, Maryland. Robert Shipley’s faher was Adam Shipley, born in Yorkshire in 1650 and died in Anne Arundel, Maryland in 1696. His mother was Lois Howard, born in Anne Arundel in 1655 and died 1725 in Anne Arundel.

Catherine Ogg’s father was George Ogg, born 1667 in Baltimore and died Dec 1723 in Anne Arundel. Catherine Ogg’s mother was Mary Potee, born 1696 in Baltimore, and died 1735 in Anne Arundel. Geroge Ogg’s father was William Hoge, born 9 Feb 1660 Musselburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland and died 8 August 1749 in Winchester, Virginia.

All of the above are confirmed by DNA analysis, but so is an alternative interpretation through Keturah Shipley, born 1683 in Annapolis MD and died 1740 in Annopolis and James Barnes, born 1681 in Annapolis and died in Annapolis in 1726.

Eve Coon, 1780 -1810, was the daughter of John Adam Coon, born 18 Feb 1745 in York County, PA and died 20 Apr 1798 in Shepherdstown, Virginia. and Anna Catherine Strayer, born 18 Feb 1743, died 2 Jan 1797 in Shepherdstown. John Adam Coon was the son of Johannes Nichel Gohn, born 1714 in Walsheim, Bliesthal, Pflaz-Zwibrucken, Bavaria and died 1769 in Chanceford, York, PA. and Anna Rosina Crantzdorf, born Hornbach, Rimschweiler, Pflaz-Zweibruken, Bavaria and died 1768 at Rimschweiler, Bayern, Germany. Johannes Gohn was the son of Maria Sophia Bracher, born 1690 in Hornbach, Sudwestpflaz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany and died 12 Nov 1769 in Pennsylvania. Anna Rosina Crantzdorf was the daughter of Johann Nichel Crantzdorf, born 1688 in Rimachneiler, Zweibrueckan, Bavarian Rhenish Palatinate, and died 1784 in York, Pennsylvania.

Anna Catherine Strayer was the daughter of Johannes Mattes Stroeher, born 26 Jan 1704, Neuerburg, Trier, Rheinland-Pflaz, Germany and died 27 Jan 1767 in Chanceford, York, PA and Margaretha Schmid, born 1710 in Wittlich, Trier, Rheinland-Pflaz, Germany and died 1760 in Lebanon, Lancaster, PA. All of the above appear to be confirmed by DNA, however alternate lines leading to Jacob Good, born 1722 in Mannheim, Lancaster, PA and died 19 Aug 1797 in Leitersburg, Maryland and Elizabeth Garber, born 1722 in Chester PA. and died in 1761 in Somerset PA, are also confirmed, including Anna Maria Rohman, born 12 Nov 1707 in Oberfustadt, Hesse, Germany and died 11 Oct 1783 in Snyder, PA also appear confirmed, just how these fit into the above lineages is not apparent at this point.

Eliza Jane Summerwell, born Pennsylvania in 1822 and died Apr 1864 in Newville, De Kalb Indian, is supposed to be the child of Patric Summerwell/Summerville, born 8 Aug 1789 in Moneymore County, Tyrone Ireland and died 30 April 1880 in Beaver County, PA and Martha Knox, born 1790 in Beaver County, Pa and died 1 June 1869 in Kendall, Beaver, PA. There is DNA confirmation to the link to Martha Knox, but not to the link to Patric Summerwell. The DNA seems to support that she was a child of Martha Knox by one of the Thornburg relatives of John Shipley Thornburgh as was adopted by Patric Summerwell. The Thornburg in question was possibly a child of Benjamin Thornburgh 1723 – 1795 by Charity Beeson, born 1731 in West Nottingham, Chester, PA and died Oct 1759 in Berkeley, Virginia. Charity Beeson was the daughter of Richard Beeson, born, Oct, 1684, in West Nottingham, Chester, PA and died Jan 1777 in Deep River, Guilford, North Carolina and Charity Grubb, born 29 Sept 1687, Brandywine, New Castle, Delaware and died 27 Nov 1761 in Guilford, North Carolina. The DNA evidence seems to point to some situation like that described above since it supports more than one possible Thornburg lineage and no possible Summerwell, Summerville combinations.

As with the Thornburgs, the DNA supports several different combinations of Knox, Allen, and Gracey, but the evidence is so abundant that it seems impossible that there is no relationship similar enough to those proposed to generate the basic relationships suggested here: Martha Knox as the daughter of Hugh Knox, born 1758 in Scotland and died July 1851 in Ashtabula, Ohio and Jane Knox, born 15 Feb 1765 in Rowan, North Carolina and died 4 Dec 1817 in Rutherford, Tennessee. Hugh Knox as the son of William Knox, born 1720 in Scotland or Ireland, and died 2 Mar 1778 in Berkeley, Virginia and Sarah Margaret Knox, born 1757 in Rowan, North Carolina and died 1830 in Rowan, North Carolina. Jane Knox as the daughter of William Knox, born 1757 in Rowan, North Carolina and died 2 Sept 1842 in Rowan, North Carolina. and Margaret Charlotte Allen, born 7 May 1737 in Rowan, North Carolina, and died in Maryland, 1777.

William Knox, born May 1736 in Colariane, Londonderry, Ireland and died 19 July 1776 in Iredell, North Carolina and Margaret Charlotte Allen, born 7 May 1737 in Rowan, North Carolina and died May 1777 in Maryland are the parents of William Knox, born 1757 in Rowan, North Carolina and died 2 Sept 1842 in Rowan. William Knox, born 1736 appears to be the son of Jean S. Gracey, born 1708 in Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland and died 18 Sep 1772 in Rowan, North Carolina, and John Knox, born 1687 in Glasgow, Scotland, and died 1780 in Steele, Mecklenburg, North Carolina. Jean’s parents were John Gracy, born 1686 in Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland and died Aug 1721 in Lauderdale, Alabama and Jean Sinclair, born 1686 in Renfrewshire, Scotland and died 1708 in Ireland.

Margaret Charlotte Allen is the daughter of William John Allen, born 1710 in St Peter Parish, New Kent, Virginia, and died 1786 in Grassy Creek, Granville County, North Carolina. William John Allen is the son of Robert Allen, born 1675 in St Pauls Parish, Hanover, Virginia and died 4 Oct 1756 in Henrico, Virginia.

John Knox, born 1687 in Glasgow, appears to the son of William Knox, born 1630 in Glasgow, and died 1705 in Castierea, Mayo, Ireland, and Elizabeth Crofton, born 1656 in Rappa Castle, Mayo Ireland and died 1733 in Rappa, Mayo, Ireland, the DNA connects with all of the above, but dates and places do not connect properly, suggesting that some of the intermediate connections are missing or confused.

Alice Mae Smith was born 5 May 1881 in Ohio and died Aug 1975 in Redlands, CA. Her father was John Alexander Smith, born about 1852 in Ohio, and his parents were James W. Smith, born 26 Aug 1828 in Pennsylvania and died 20 Feb 1911 in Smithfield, Jefferson, Ohio and Sarah Bosley, born about 1837 in Ohio. The parents of James W. Smith appear to be Ephraim Smith, born about 1792 in Virginia and died in Harrison County, Ohio and Nancy Akin, born Dec. 1800 and died 27 Jan 1884 in Annapolis, Jefferson County, Ohio. The parents of Ephraim Smith appear to be Ephraim Smith born 1749 in Washington, Virginia and Mary Smith, born 1750 in Virginia. Ephraim appears to be the son of Ephraim Smith, born 5 Oct 1724 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut and died 24 May 1774 in Stonington, New London, Connecticut and Rachel Kerby, born 1730 in York, Virginia, and died 1783 in Virginia. Mary Smith appears to be the daughter of Alexander Smith, born 1715 in Johnson county North Carolina and died about 1780 and Edith Elizabeth Whitfield Smith, born 7 March 1716 in North Carolina and died in Smithfield, Johnston, North Carolina 3 Aug 1785.

Rachel Kerby appears to be the daughter of John Kerby, born 13 Feb 1697 in Charles Parish, Pittsylvania, Virginia and died 19 Nov 1772 in Charles Parish, Pittsylvania, Virginia. Edith Whitfield appears to be the daughter of William Whitfield, born 1688 in Suffolk, Nansemond, VA and died in 1770 in Rockford, Lenoir, North Carolina and Elizabeth Goodman, born 1697 in Virginia, and died 1773 in Lenoir County, North Carolina. Alexander Smith, husband of Edith, appears to be the son of an Elizabeth Whitfield, born 1690 in Smithfield, Johnston, North Carolina and died in Smithfield, Johnston, North Carolina in 1755. This Elizabeth appears to be the daughter of Matthew Whitfield, born 1666 in Surrey, England and died 1761 in Nansemond, Virginia and Priscilla Lawrence, born 1671, Isle of Wight, VA and died 23 Apr 1739 in Bertie, North Carolina.

Some DNA connection appears to exist between Nancy Akin, 1800 – 1884, and Elisabeth Aiken, born 1752 in Antrim county Ireland and died 1838 in Caldwell County, North Carolina, also Lewis Akins, born 1725 in Rockingham County, North Carolina and died 16 July 1791 in Laurens, South Carolina and his wife Elizabeth Mann, born 1730 in Charlotte, Virginia and died 1791 in Laurens, Laurens, South Carolina.

Mary Akin Wallace appears to be the mother of Nancy Akin, Mary is said to have been born about 1779 in Ireland and died 1850 in LKR, Harrison County, Ohio. There appears to be a DNA link to John Wallace, born 24 Jun 1687 in Manokin, Somerset, Maryland, and died 1755 in Somerset, Maryland, and his wife Sarah Newman, born 1699, in London, England, as well as with Sarah Newman’s father, Walter Newman, born 1656 in Virginia and died in 1729 in Cecil, Maryland. There is also a DNA link to Matthew Wallace, the father of John Wallace, Matthew Wallace was born 5 Feb 1638 in Glasgow, Scotland and died 1714 in Manokin, Maryland.

DNA supports a line running from a Bosley wife of James W. Smith, running from Joseph Bosley, born 1729 in Baltimore and died 18 May 1776, St Pauls, Anne Arundel, Maryland. His father was John Bosley, born 1703 in Baltimore and died 20 Apr 1772 in Baltimore, his father born 1668 and died 1715 in Baltimore and his mother, Mary Elizabeth Cume, born 1668 in Baltimore and died in Baltimore 1726. Mary Spicer Hall was born in Baltimore 1731 and died in Baltimore 1 Apr 1817, she was the wife of Joseph Bosley and there are DNA matches to her parents, Joshua Hall, born 1706 in Baltimoare and died 28 Apr 1782 in Baltimore and Diana Spicer, born 1708 in St James, Anne Arundel, Maryland and died 12 Jan 1749 in Baltimore. John Bosley’s wife, Hannah Price and mother of Joseph Bosley is also a DNA match, she was born 1701, West River, Anne Arundel and died in Baltimore in 1776, her parents were Mordecai Price, born in Calvert Maryland, 1660 and died in West River 1715, and Mary Parsons, born 1662 in West River and died in Annapolis 9 May 1718.

Daniel Bradfod Bosley is a son of Joseph Bosley, born 5 Oct 1772 in Baltimore and died 2 Nov 1854 in Baltimore, his wife gives a DNA match, she was born Mary Ensor, born 2 Oct 1774 in Belfast, Baltimore and died 1 Feb 1854 in Belfast. Her father was John Ensor, born 1752 in Baltimore and died 1831 in Baltimore, his parents were Abraham Ensor, born 5 Feb 1727 in Baltimore and died in Baltimore County 8 July 1797, and Mary Merryman, born 1732 in Baltimore County and died before Feb. 1774 in Baltimore County.

Abraham Ensor was the son of John Ensor, born 1695, Darley Hall, Maryland and died 17 Mar 1773, in Baltimore and Elizabeth Cole, born 1695 at Coles Chance, Baltimore and died 1773 in Baltimore.

Samuel Wilford Bosley was born 07 Feb 1818 in Baltimore and died 9 May 1872 in Poweshiek, Iowa, his wife, Mary Blythe, was born 23 Mar 1818 in Ohio and died 12 Mar 1852 in Maryland. Her mother was Sarah E. Baxter, born 15 Dec 1778 in Maryland and died 28 July 1859 in Amsterdam, Jefferson, Ohio. The parents of Sarah E. Baxter were Benjamin Baxter, born 31 Jan 1750 in Baltimore County and died Mar 1814 in Washington County, PA. and Mary Durbin, born 1760 in Westminster, Frederick Maryland and died 1814 in Hopewell, Washington, PA.. Benjamin Baxteri’s mother was Mary Brown, born 1715 in Baltimore County and died 19 Feb 1767 in Baltimore. Mary Durbin’s parents were Thomas Durbin, born 13 Jul 1732 in Baltimore and died 3 Apr 1810 in Westminster, Carroll, Maryland and Honour Erbough, born 1730 in Baltimore and died 1821 in Frederick, Maryland.

Thomas Durbin’s father was Samuel Durbin, born 1698 in Baltimore and died 19 Sept 1752 in Frederick Maryland and Ann Logsdon, born 1703 in Westminster, Carroll, Maryland and died 8 Jul 1770 in Frederick, Maryland. The father of Mary Blythe was Henry Blythe, born 3 Feb 1773 in Ireland and died 18 Jun 1837 in Amsterdam, Jefferson, Ohio.

The mother of Henry Blythe was Charity Montgomery Blythe, born 1743, her parents were Hugh Montgomery, born 1712 in Roanoke, Halifax, Virginia and died 22 Oct 1785 and Agnes Jane Cunningham, born 1727 Pennsylvania, Somerset and died 1769 in Pickens, South Carolina. The parents of Hugh Montgomery, were Hugh Montgomery born around 1705 in Campbell, Virginia and died 1785 in Lexington, Kentucky and Caroline Anderson Cunningham Montgomery, born around 1709 in Roanoke Virginia and died 1767 in Roanoke, Virginia. The parents of Caroline Anderson Cunningham Montgomery were Robert Anderson, born 1663 in New Kent, Virginia and died 1716 in Hanover County, Virginia and Mary Elizabeth Overton, born 28 June 1673 in New Kent and died 1734 in St Peters Parish, New Kent, VA.

The parents of Robert Anderson were Robert Anderson, born in York VA, 1640 and died in New Kent 1712 and Cecilia Poindexter Massie Anderson, born 1646 in New Kent and died 1712 in New Kent. The parents of Cecilia were Peter Massie, born 1639 in Coddington, Cheshire, England and did 25 Dec 1719 in New Kent and Penelope Ashley Cooper Massie, born 1647 in Dorset England, and died 1711 in St. Peters, New Kent. The parents of Mary Elizabeth Overton were William Overton, born 3 Dec 1638 in Easington, Yorkshire, England, and died 1697 in Jamestown, VA and Elizabeth Mary Waters, born 30 Dec 1650 in Parish, London, England and died 29 Sept 1697 in St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover, VA.. The mother of Agnes J. Cunningham was Margaret Mary Cunningham, born 1690 in Boston, MA and died 1754 in Timber Ridge, Rockbridge, VA. All of the above is supported by numerous DNA connections.

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