Accommodation: a room or building in which you stay during holidays or live. While I'm travelling, my favourite types of accommodation are hotels all holiday

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Ielts travel 1

holiday brochure: a publication with details of holiday.Our guide gave us a great brochure about our hotel.

  • holiday destination: where you go for a holiday.We chose New York as our holiday destination for the next summer.

  • holiday of a lifetime: a very special holiday, once in a lifetime.Last year me and my family had a holiday of a lifetime in Italy.

  • holiday resort (tourist resort): a place where lots of people go for a holiday.Last year my family went on a journey to London. We lived in a great tourist resort.

  • hordes of tourists: crowds of tourists.Hordes of tourist can be seen during summer near the city park.

  • in the middle of nowhere: in a place that is far away from where most people live.My grand-mother lives in the middle of nowhere, but she loves her old little village.

  • local crafts: thighs made in the region.My sister bought some amazing local crafts on her trip to India.

  • out of season: not within the main holiday period.I decided to go on a journey with my friends out of season.

  • passport control: a place where you get your passport checked.I spent a few hours waiting in line on a passport control.

  • package tour: a holiday at a fixed price in which the travel company arranges your travel, hotels, and sometimes meals for you:We bought a cheap package tour to Italy and stayed in a big hotel by the sea.

  • picturesque village: a nice, beautiful village.My grandparents live in a picturesque village.

  • places of interest: memorable and honorable places.My native city has a variety of places of interest.

  • short break: a little holiday.My father had a short break this year, I hope he’ll be able to relax some more.

  • stunning landscape: a beautiful countryside.Stunning landscapes are only one of many reasons why I want to visit Africa.

  • to go sightseeing: to go visiting sights of interest.Today we went sightseeing with my friends.

  • to travel on foot / horseWhen I'm in a small town I prefer to travel on foot.

  • to travel by bus / plane / car / bicycle / motorcycleAlthough I usually travel by car, when I decided to visit Paris I had to travel by plane.

  • tourist attractions: places which tourists tend to visit.Despite not being a tourist attraction, new fountain is very popular among the locals.

  • tourist trap: place with many tourists.We've visited many tourists traps lately.

  • travel agency: a shop that specializes in booking holidays.I've bought tickets for my trip through a travel agency.

  • wildlife safari: an observational holiday, mainly in Africa.I’d love to go on a wildlife safari sometime.

  • youth hostel: a cheap hotel.During our trip we stayed in a hostel, because we didn’t have enough money for a hotel.

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