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Barbara Barnett:
--“More Contradictions: A Framing Analysis of Health, Aging and Femininity,” International --Communication Association, May 2007.
--Good Sports?  A feminist framing analysis of public relations strategies in the Duke University lacrosse crisis,” to the Commission on the Status of Women  of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass  Communication convention, August 2007. 

Mugur Geana:
--“A Media Influence Comparative Analysis…on Knowledge about Colonoscopy as a Primary Screening Method for Colon Cancer,” Conference on Building the Evidence Base in Cancer Communication, May 2007;
--“Penetration of Innovation,” Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
(AEJMC) Midwinter Conference.
--Is first author of “Commonly Used and Preferred Sources of Information by Persons with Lymphedema: Findings from an Online Survey,” that will be presented at the 21st International
Conference on Lymphedema in Shanghai, China. 

Tien-Tsung Lee:  3 papers at AEJMC convention, August 2007.  
--“Why They Don’t Trust the Media: An examination of factors predicting trust,” to the Mass Communication and Society Division;
--“The Impacts of Declining Newspaper Readership on Young Americans’ Political Knowledge and Participation: A longitudinal analysis,” to the Newspaper Division,  co-author Lu Wei, Washington State University; 
--“The Ethics of Outing in the 21st Century: Two case studies,” to the Media Ethics Division,  
co-author Gary Hicks, Southern Illinois University. 

Charles Marsh:
--“Postmodernism, Symmetry, and Cash Value: An Isocratean Model for Modern Practitioners,”
to the AEJMC Public Relations Division, August 2007;
--“Episteme and Doxa: The battle of religion, philosophy and rhetoric in the works of Plato and Isocrates,” was accepted for the International Society for the History of Rhetoric conference in France, but he was unable to attend. 

David Perlmutter:  2 papers at AEJMC convention, Communication Theory and Methodology Division, August 2007:
--“Blogosphere and Participatory Democracy: Hostile media perception, information selection, and political participation,”  with others;  
--“Expression to Influence: Understanding the change in blogger motivations over the Blogspan,”
with others.

Kristen Swain:  5 papers at AEJMC convention August 2007:
--“Uncertainty Framing in News Coverage of a Non-Conventional War Disaster” to the Communication Theory and Methodology Division, top faculty paper award;
--“Sourcing Patterns in the Crisis Phases of a Bioterror Attack” to the Science Communication group; 
--“Public Relations in a Non-Conventional War Disaster: Advice framing during the Anthrax attacks,” to the Public Relations Division;
--“News Sourcing in a Bioterror Disaster,” to the Newspaper Division;
--“Risk Framing in News Coverage of the Environmental Justice Movement,” to the Minorities and Communication Division.
Other papers by Swain:
--“Risk and Moral Development Framing in News Coverage of the Environmental Justice Movement” at the Globalization, Environmental Ethics and Environmental Justice Conference at Michigan State University. 
--“Uncertainty and Comparability Factors in Bioterrorism Coverage” at the National Readiness Communications Conference at Kansas State University.

Max Utsler:
--“Sports Talk Radio and Its Relationship with Sources,” to the Popular Culture Association.  
--“The $2.5 Million Bargain: Super Bowl ads and added value” to the Conference on Advertising, Audience and Culture at the University of South Carolina. 

Tom Volek:
--“Print, Radio and Television in the Urals:  Russian media respond to the audience,” to the
European Studies Conference in Omaha. 

Douglas Ward:
“Mapping Women’s Magazines of the Early 20th Century: A geographic analysis of Ladies Home Journal Readers, 1911-1955, to the American Journalism Historians Association

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