Abstract: In this article,we have analyzed teaching vocabulary with the help of innovative methods. It is important to claim that, since English has become a universal and dominant source to communicate in the world

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Abdurahimova Z.Article

Abdurahimova Zarnigor Bahodirovna
Fergana state university Philology and teaching languages faculty
Abstract:In this article,we have analyzed teaching vocabulary with the help of innovative methods. It is important to claim that, since English has become a universal and dominant source to communicate in the world, the interest of learning this language is increasing dramatically.But people can’t use any languages without vocabulary and this paper analyses how effective ways available for learning vocabulary and suggests several techniques to consolidate them easily.
Keywords: Classroom, Method and technique, skill, vocabulary, words.
Without grammar,very little can be conveyed,without vocabulary,nothing can be conveyed._ David A.Wilkins (1972)
The number of vocabulary words a beginner student as to learn in the first few months of studying is vast. In order to be able to communicate basic ideas, it is important that the EFL beginner students should learn the relevant vocabularies which are necessary to express greetings, give and ask for personal information, ask for directions, in addition to learning colors, numbers, and adjectives to describe people, in the oral and written expression, all of which are essential in the process of learning any language. It goes without saying that students arrive with expectations and doubts about their abilities and possibilities, it is teachers that can help make this transition easier if they approach this vocabulary learning task in a friendly and easy manner by means of different techniques.Wilkins rightly says, “Without grammar very little can be conveyed….but without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed”.Therefore the study of vocabulary is at the center while learning a new language. No matter English being a second language or foreign language, one needs to learn vocabulary in the systematic way. If we purpose to utilize language effectively and clearly, we ought to have good stock of vocabulary.Especially the English language is the richest to words.Because of following useful tips and techniques,you will have a chance to learn vocabularies easily and interestingly.
1. Actual objects and showing models.
This technique brings a lot of profits to teach vocabulary to the beginners. The names of many things can be taught by showing actual objects. It gives real experience and sense to the learners. For example, pen, chalk, table, chair,book, football, flowers, tomato etc. which are every pupil have in their bags or home , can be taught in the classroom. Real objects or models of real objects are very effective and meaningful in showing meanings .by this method pupils can memorize new words easily due to their actuality.
. 2..Teaching word families instead of words
Teaching word families instead of just individual words is a technique used by many teachers to maximize vocabulary learning. We, as teachers, can therefore use this technique as a habit when introducing a new word in order to mention the other members of its word family. By doing this, learners will probably become awareof how the English language works when forming new words. Besides, by implementing this technique teachers could also ask students to guess a new word’s derivatives at the time of introduction and even include a derivation section as part of assessment.
3. Synonyms
Using synonyms are really suitable way to improve vocabulary of young learners. A synonym may be used to help the student to figure out the different shades of meaning, if the synonym is better known than the word being taught. Synonyms assist to enrich a student's vocabulary bank and provide alternative words instantly. These can be effective since they build on words and phrases that students already recognize. Also , synonyms serve not only to create very attractive and peculiar conversation but also every user can remember every word faster and try to use and search yourself more academic and meaningful equivalent of a word.This style is also recommended even for future IELTS ( International English Language Testing System) candidates to increase their vocabulary. Because according to the requrements of all parts of the IELTS exam , every candidate must show his or her ability to use different words in their vocabulary bank in order to higer mark.. Besides that , as a supportive source of this method creative educators could make crosswords, word snakes or other puzzles for students with using these synonyms.
4.Reflect and practice new words
Some words are easier to learn than others. Inspire your students to test their word knowledge and determine areas where they need help. They might require assistance in boosting their confidence to use those words in sentences or to speak them with confidence. Also consider that they may not fully understand the meaning of those words.Encourage your students to reflect regularly on new words and use them in their everyday conversations. This is where vocabulary notebooks come in handy to build word knowledge!
5.Game materials for learning new vocabularies.
In teaching and learning a foreign language, vocabulary usually plays an important role. Some learners think that language games are a waste of time and choose not to use them is learning place since games sometimes consider for its one part that is fun. In fact, games can provide EFL students more than that. Games have a great educational value and it could use in the classroom to make learners use the language instead of just thinking about learning the correct formulas. Vocabulary had not been taught in an exact subject for students to learn, but it has been taught within lessons of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. During the lesson, students use their own vocabulary and they are set up to new words that given firstly by the teacher and classmates, which they implement to classroom activities. If the teacher explains for meaning or definition, pronunciation, translation, spelling and grammatical functions every day it may be boring classroom activity. Students only think of vocabulary learning is to know the basic meaning of new words. Students learn through the duration of playing the game. By playing a game, students may be able to understand a new concept or idea, see from a different perspective, or experiment with different options.


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