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Independent work

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Karakalpak State University, Berdakh Karakalpak State University is the largest university in Karakalpakstan. Scientific and pedagogical prepares calories. It was founded in 1976 in Nukus on the basis of the Karakalpak Pedagogical Institute (founded in 1934). On January 26, 1992, he was renamed Berdakh. 16 faculty at the university (mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, finance, foreign languages. Engineering-construction, jurisprudence, natural sciences, music and physical education. History. Philology., Master's degree, part-time economics, part-time humanities, special part-time) and one department (journalism), 49 cafes. There are more than 30 educational and scientific laboratories.
It has been one of my best dreams since I was a child to study at this university. Streaming in it was like a dream for me. But every time I walked here I imagined I was trying to reach it. Thank God, my efforts were in vain and I entered this University in 2022 and my dreams came true. Leaking here gives us a special feeling. Because we are lucky to have entered this university, which is not accessible to many people. Our university is very big. We study at his Faculty of Mathematics. The special atmosphere gives us a lively spirit. The reforms in the education system, the various district privileges granted to us are a great honor for us. I really like the teaching methods of the professors here. We are currently on the verge of graduating 1st year. Over the past year, this university has been able to give me so much. I am proud of my University.
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