About Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov

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About Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov
Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov (TSTU) is one of the oldest and most famous universities of Uzbekistan. TSTU has been at the forefront of the technical universities of Uzbekistan. Since the establishment of the university, almost 100 years have passed. A high level of education quality is ensured and modern educational technologies are successfully formed and implemented here. University offers 64 bachelor's degrees and 72 master's degree programs at 60 departments of 9 faculties, which are among one of the leaders in the national subject ranking in Uzbekistan. Students can join undergraduate programs in a wide range of disciplines, from the technical sciences (aerospace engineering, power engineering, mechanical engineering, mechanics, mining, gas and oil, electronics and automation, nanotechnology, biotechnology, mechatronics, and robotics) through to humanities, management, economy. Students can also select from several joint degree programs with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. There are also Uzbek -Japanese Youth Center of Innovation and State Unitary Enterprise ”Fan va taraqqiot”(“Science and development”) are working under the University.
Being a student of TSTU is honorable and responsible. In our university, there are great prospects for every student. Students of TSTU study according to specially designed university programs, conduct research under the guidance of experienced scientists and teachers, participate in interesting youth projects and implement them in real life. In the era of information technology and innovation, the university trains a new generation of specialists, forms a progressive worldview, human and professional competencies that allow graduates to adapt to the socio-cultural life of Uzbekistan, the Central Asian region and the countries of the world community.
Students of TSTU have a high level of professional training, the ability to approach production problems outside the box, which makes them competitive in the labor market. Our employees work at large industrial enterprises, in state and commercial structures, international companies, educational institutions and research institutes.
In TSTU all conditions have been created not only for professional training but for the harmonious development of personality. Much attention is paid to the spiritual and educational activities aimed at improving legal awareness and legal culture in society, as well as the disclosure of the abilities and talents of students in cultural and social life. Bright events, exciting projects, scientific discoveries, and new interesting acquaintances – all these are in our university!
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