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A Little Chaos - Clip 01.

The year is 1682. King Louis XIV of France (ALAN RICKMAN) explains to his young children why he is planning to move the Royal Court to the newly constructed Palace of Versailles.
IN: Be it known…

OUT: …and matchless beauty.

DUR: 0’ 50”
A Little Chaos - Clip 02.
Tasked with creating perfection within the gardens of the new Palace at Versailles, the King’s renowned landscape gardener Master André Le Notre (MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS) is holding interviews for the role of his deputy gardener. Amongst numerous candidates, Master Le Notre invites Sabine De Barra (KATE WINSLET) to interview – a strong-willed designer who’s one of the few females in her profession.
IN: Sir, I am…

OUT: …about this conversation.

DUR: 1’ 32”
A Little Chaos - Clip 03.
Despite the interview appearing to go badly, Sabine (KATE WINSLET) is surprised when Master Le Notre (MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS) turns up unannounced at her house that evening.
IN: My father taught…

OUT: …budget. Good evening.

DUR: 1’ 04”
A Little Chaos - Clip 04.
When Master Le Notre (MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS) offers Sabine (KATE WINSLET) the chance to build her own section of garden in the palace, she immediately sets to work adapting and improving the landscaping plans.
IN: Madame De Barra…

OUT: …plant, I submit.

DUR: 0’ 41”
A Little Chaos - Clip 05.
At a high society event hosted at the Royal Court, Master Le Notre (MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS) introduces Sabine (KATE WINSLET) to the King’s flamboyant brother Philippe, Duc d’Orleans (STANLEY TUCCI).
IN: May I present…

OUT: …now, thank God.

DUR: 1’ 02”
A Little Chaos - Clip 06.
Sitting together in the garden, King Louis (ALAN RICKMAN) confronts Master Le Notre (MATTHIAS SCHOENAERTS) on his controversial decision to employ relative newcomer Sabine.
IN: My speech went…

OUT: …yes. It will.

DUR: 0’ 52”
A Little Chaos - Clip 07.
In need of a little time alone, King Louis (ALAN RICKMAN) retreats to a private orchard to seek solitude. However when Sabine (KATE WINSLET) arrives to collect some supplies for her garden, he decides to try remaining anonymous, pretending instead to be the orchard’s Master Pearman.
IN: You are a…

OUT: …and you are.

DUR: 0’ 56”
A Little Chaos - Clip 08.
Despite learning his true identity, Sabine (KATE WINSLET) is happy to indulge the King’s (ALAN RICKMAN) wish for informal conversation without the shackles of etiquette.
IN: You are the…

OUT: …person I know.

DUR: 0’ 43”
A Little Chaos - Clip 09.
During a formal introduction at the Royal Court, Sabine (KATE WINSLET) and King Louis (ALAN RICKMAN) wryly discuss gardening without disclosing the details of their secret first meeting.
IN: Your Majesty, it…

OUT: …hope, your Majesty.

DUR: 1’ 24”

A Little Chaos - Drop 01. Why me? DUR: 11”

A Little Chaos - Drop 02. She’s very diverting DUR: 15”

A Little Chaos - Drop 03. Do not exclude me, I beg you


Track 01. End Titles (Instrumental) DUR: 3’ 21”

Taken from the end credits of ‘A Little Chaos’

Composed by Peter Gregson
Track 02. End Titles (Instrumental) DUR: 1’ 47”

Taken from the end credits of ‘A Little Chaos’

Composed by Peter Gregson
Track 03. End Titles (Instrumental) DUR: 1’ 33”

Taken from the end credits of ‘A Little Chaos’

Composed by Peter Gregson
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