9. National features of management. The concept of "system"

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9.National feat-WPS Office

9.National features of management. The concept of "system"
1. Art as well as Science 2. Management is Goal Oriented 3. Management is a Continuous Process 4. Organised Activities 5. Management is a Factor of Production 6. Management as a System of Activity 7. Management is a Discipline 8. Management is a Purposeful Activity 9. Management is a Distinct Entity 10. Management Aims at Maximising Profit 11. Decision-Making 12. Management is a Profession 13. Universal Application 14. Management is Getting Thing Done 15. Management as a Class or a Team 16. Management as a Career 17. Dynamic and a Few Others.
A system is a collection of elements or components that are organized for a common purpose. The word sometimes describes the organization or plan itself (and is similar in meaning to method, as in "I have my own little system") and sometimes describes the parts in the system (as in "computer system"). A computer system consists of hardware components that have been carefully chosen so that they work well together and software components or programs that run in the computer. The main software component is itself an operating system that manages and provides services to other programs that can be run in the computer. A filing system is a group of files organized with a plan (for example, alphabetical by customer). All of nature and the universe can be said to be a system. We've coined a word, ecosystem, for the systems on Earth that affect life systems. The term can be very useful because so many things can be described as systems. It can also be very unuseful when a more specific term is needed.
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