3-laboratory work work with insulating rods

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Terms of use.
To ensure safety during any manipulation, a number of rules must be observed. So, in electrical installations of more than 1 kV, it is imperative to wear dielectric gloves and a face shield.

Figure 3.4. How to use the insulating rod

Since in the case of voltage on the elements of the electrical installation, the gloves act as an additional protective device designed to prevent the potential from reaching a person in any emergency situations. The gloves themselves, as well as the insulating rod, must be checked before starting work for integrity and compliance with the test dates.

If during the work the gentle coating on the insulating elements was damaged, then such a rod must be removed for repair. And after the varnish area is restored, it must pass an extraordinary test. If, before starting work, cracks, chips or more serious damage are found, then such a device must be finally removed.
It is strictly forbidden to perform any manipulation of operational, measuring or control rods from ladders, stands and other structures that reduce the stability of the worker. Since if a person stumbles or staggers, there is a high probability that he will fall and may become energized.
It should be noted that all insulating rods must be periodically cleaned of all kinds of contaminants that may accumulate on their surface. Since dust, moisture and other substances become conductors of electric current. And for hollow tubular structures, it is also necessary to clean the inside to prevent the possibility of breakdown along the inner surface.
It is strictly forbidden to work with such devices during heavy rain, snow, fog. Since deposits form a conductive layer on the surface, which can negate the dielectric properties.
Telescopic booms and folding booms must only be transported to the job site when they are folded. And directly on the spot to be brought into the unfolded state. When moving insulating rods within the outdoor switchgear and rooms with electrical installations, they must be in a horizontal position parallel to the ground. To exclude accidental contact with current-carrying elements, especially those that do not correspond to the model class, and to prevent overlapping of the insulating layer.
For safety reasons, it is forbidden to wind a portable earth around the insulating rod. Both protective equipment must be carried separately.

Test types

Test voltage

Test duration
t (min)

Test time

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