1. I didn't have a shower this morning my hair was really dirty all day

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Final test 3 Class 10
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Final test 3

1. I didn't have a shower this morning ___ my hair was really dirty all day.

A) so B) whereas C) because

2. I really love driving, ___ on sunny days.

A) whereas B) then C) especially

3. I love summer. ___, I hate getting on the underground in the heat.

A) However B) So C) Because

4. I didn't eat any crisps ___ I ate an icecream!

A) generally B) but C) especially

5. I saw someone applying their make-up ___ they were driving!

A) so B) in conclusion C) while

6. Emma really enjoys knitting, ___ Mary who hates it!

A) while B) in conclusion C) unlike

7. I went to the park ___ I went to the shops.

A) because B) then C) so

8. I thought the documentary was interesting. ___, I would have liked to see more interviews.

A) For example B) Because C) Nevertheless

9. Go ___ these stairs until you reach the top floor.

A) up B) through C) on D) in

10. He was stopped by the police for driving ___ 120mph.

A) to B) on C) at D) for

11. I'm going ___ Madrid next week.

A) of B) to C) at D) in

12. We always listen to music ___ the way to work.

A) by B) on C) for D) in

13. Take your purse ___ of your pocket and give it to me.

A) away B) out C) off D) to
14. Are you talking ___ me?

A) on B) to C) of D) in

15. She called me ___ midnight.

A) on B) in C) at D) of

16. _________ do you wake up? I wake up at 7:30 am.

A) When B) Who C) What D) How

17. ______________ many international organizations do you know?

A) When B) Where C) Why D) How

18. ______________ are some international organizations called nongovernmental?

A) How B) What C) When D) Why

19. _________ is your brother?

He is great, thanks for asking.

A) Who B) What C) How D) When

20. ______________ is The International Court of Justice located at? –


A) Who B) What C) How D) Where

21. "You shouldn't go into the water" said the coast guard. (advise against)

________________________________________________________________22. "I'll go to France on holiday" said John. (decide, using infinitive)

________________________________________________________________23. "I think you should go to the dentist" Julie said to Tom. (advise, using infinitive)

________________________________________________________________24. "Watch out for the weak bridge" he said. (warn, using 'about')

________________________________________________________________25. "You should apply for the job" said Jack to Stella. (encourage)

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