Section 5: Appendices 2

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Section 5: Appendices 2

Appendices 2

Appendix 1 – BGPA Stakeholders 2

Appendix 2 – Volunteer Group Reports 4

Appendices 6

Friends of Bold Park Bushland 4

Friends of Kings Park 7

Appendices 11

Kings Park Volunteer Guides 13

Appendices 17

Kings Park Volunteer Master Gardeners 18

Appendices 21

Honour Avenues Maintenance Group 22

Appendices 23

Appendix 3 – Publications 24

Appendices 26

BGPA Information and Publications 24

Scientific Journals and Publications 24

For People and Plants - Friends of Kings Park Magazine 28

Appendix 4 - Scientific Research Projects 30

Appendices 32

Externally Funded Research 30

Nationally Competitive Projects 31

Appendix 5 – Research Scientists and Students 34

Research Scientists 34

Externally Funded Research Scientists 34

Students 35

Visiting Scientists 38

Section 5: Appendices

Appendix 1 – BGPA Stakeholders

The BGPA recognises that support and contributions from the community, government and private organisations is essential in achieving the BGPA’s outcomes. The BGPA is greatly appreciative of the support and involvement of these various organisations that contribute resources to Kings Park and Botanic Garden and Bold Park for major projects, events and research.

BGPA Volunteers

Friends of Bold Park Bushland Inc Friends of Kings Park Inc

Honour Avenues Group

Kings Park Volunteer Guides Inc

Kings Park Volunteer Master Gardeners.

BGPA Sponsors


Friends of Kings Park

Rio Tinto Iron Ore



Variety WA

West Australian Newspapers

BGPA Commercial Operators

Aboriginal Art Gallery

Fraser’s Restaurant Complex (inc Botanical Cafe and Fraser’s Kiosk)

Indigenous Heritage Tours, Kings Park Mellen Events

Moonlight Cinema

Next Generation Kings Park

Royal Kings Park Tennis Club

Perth City Sightseeing

Prompt Corner

Shakespeare WA

Stickybeaks Cafe

Zamia Café

Associated Volunteer and Community Organisations

Birdlife Australia Inc

BGPA Indigenous Reference Group

Cambridge Coastcare

Vietnam Veterans Association WA Branch

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Trustees

Wardens of the State War Memorial

Wildflower Society of Western Australia

Local, State and Federal Government


Building Management and Works

City of Perth

City of Nedlands

City of Subiaco

Department of Agriculture and Food

Department of Commerce

Department of Environment and Conservation

Department of Finance

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Department of Indigenous Affairs

Department of Planning

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Department of State Development

Department of Transport

Department of Treasury

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Horizon Power

Main Roads WA

Office of the Auditor General

Perth Zoo

Public Sector Commission

Public Transport Authority

Shire of Bruce Rock

Shire of Corrigin

Shire of Westonia

State Solicitors Office

Swan River Trust


Tourism WA

Town of Cambridge

Water Corporation

WA Planning Commission

WA Police

Western Power

Private Organisations

Alcoa World Alumina

Alinta Gas

Australian Orchid Foundation

BHP Billiton Iron Ore

Birla Nifty Pty Ltd

Catalpa Resources (Westonia Mines Ltd)

Cliffs Asia Pacific Iron Ore Pty Ltd

Cockburn Cement

Gindalbie Metals Limited

Grange Resources Limited

Griffin Coal Mining Company Pty Ltd

Iluka Resources Limited


Newcrest Mining (Telfer)


Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Rocla Quarry Products

Shark Bay Resources Pty Ltd

Trawalla Foundation


Worsley Alumina

Schools and Universities

Australian National University

Curtin University

Kasetsart University, Thailand

Murdoch University

Sheffield University, UK

St Louis University, USA

The University of Western Australia University of Madrid, Spain

University of Noumea

University of Pavia, Italy

University of Regensburg, Germany

Natural History Institutions

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Australian National Botanic Garden

Korean National Arboretum

Millennium Seed Bank, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew UK

Arriyadh Development Authority

Appendix 2 – Volunteer Group Reports

Friends of Bold Park Bushland

The Friends of Bold Park Bushland was founded in 1987, making 2012 our 25th anniversary. Norma Calcutt and I were happy to receive badges and certificates from the BGPA, recognising 25 years of active service. Norma has recently retired from the Committee due to family commitments and we are grateful for her huge efforts in setting up the office and establishing the guided walks program, which were long-term goal of hers.

The Executive Committee

In the past year the Executive Committee has: produced two newsletters and an events bulletin; communicated with members and the public via our office phone, email and website (we are part of the BGPA’s site); liaised with other ‘Friends of’ groups and networks in our district, as well as the Conservation Council and the Urban Bushland Council; provided the BGPA with feedback on its planning and management activities in the park; maintained an office located at Perry House; and lobbied on planning and other matters, such as the continued existence of the Stephenson Highway road reserve that bisects the northern part of the park.

The Committee’s specific activities included:

  • Completing our office fit-out with the installation of a printer-copier and purchase of a laptop.

  • Working with other local community groups and local government agencies to establish the Bush to Beach Trail that passes through Bold Park en route between Kings Park and Cottesloe (The trail was officially opened last November).

  • In the March State election, canvassing the views of Churchlands candidates on the continued existence of Stephenson Highway through the northern part of the park, and letting our members know their opinions.

  • Providing a submission on the Town of Cambridge’s proposals to expand the quarry amphitheatre.

  • Organising our inaugural Open Day.

Open Day

In May 2013 we held our inaugural Open Day, which aimed to generate an increased interest in Bold Park, and to encourage people to get involved with the Friends and other local conservation groups. The focus was on families, with a variety of hands on nature-based activities of interest to children, and a series of walks in the park and around the grounds of the WA Ecology Centre where the event was held.

Displays, activities and walks were presented by Friends’ subgroups, as well as by the WA Wildflower Society, BirdLife Australia WA, the WA Naturalists Club, the Town of Cambridge and the BGPA. In addition, we hired animal handlers to appear with WA reptiles, and a Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo. These live creatures were of immense interest to children in particular. Free morning tea was provided by the Friends.

Thanks mainly to a combination of fine weather and excellent publicity in the local and state newspapers, a very large number of people from both local suburbs and the wider Perth area attended – around 380. About 200 people joined one of the four walks. We are confident that the Open Day will have achieved its purpose, and it is likely that similar events will be held again.

Guided Walks Program

Our guided walks program has now been running for around two and half years. We have a team of 15 trained guides who led three walks a month, with more in spring, and last summer we held two very popular sunset walks each month. Thirty walks were conducted during the year.

Walks generally started at the Tuart Car Park, with most guides taking their group by Reabold Hill, although guides sometimes led a less strenuous walk via Camel Lake. Last August walks were taken from near Wollaston, on Rochdale Road, to view regrowth in the sites of the previous summer’s fires.

Attendance on guided walks almost doubled from 245 (for 2011/12), to 405 attending during the same period in 2012/13. The sunset walks attracted a maximum of 41 walkers for a March walk. The marked increase in attendance was thanks to the arrangement whereby our local newspaper, the ‘Post’, published a story and photo for the coming month’s walks. These were prepared by the BGPA. The excellent quality of the walks provided by our very friendly guides was also a factor, as word-of-mouth brought new people, while others returned for subsequent walks.

The guides met as a group most months to discuss business, hold workshops and hear from an invited presenter, who have included: Vanda Longman, on trees and insects in the park; Bryce Wells and Sue Mather, from Birdlife Australia, on birds of Bold Park (this included a separate early morning field trip); and Dr Neville Marchant, on our flora’s resilience to climate and regeneration after fire. These monthly sessions helped to keep the guides together as a cohesive group, and have provided them with new information to share with walkers. The guides’ Continuing Education Program will now be open to the whole membership as we feel that the speakers are of a very high calibre and warrant a bigger audience.

Bushland Regeneration Activities

The Friends’ bushcare work site is known as the Eastern Gateway, and is located just inside the Tuart Carpark entrance on Perry Lakes Drive. It comprises a small fraction of the whole park, but it has been a helpful strategy for us to have focused our efforts on a single, highly visible and highly accessible site for the past 20 years or so, beginning before the BGPA was established. Our volunteers work very closely with BGPA staff based in Bold Park.

Throughout last winter, a team of seven volunteers worked two mornings per month, concentrating on removing Euphorbia and gladioli from the Eastern Gateway site. In June 1,420 seedlings were planted in the Eastern Gateway restoration site, with tree guards around 340 of these. Planters comprised four BGPA staff members and ten members of the Friends. At the end of the season we recorded the survival rates for the plantings. In summer, seeds were collected from Anigozanthos manglesii, Melaleuca systena, Calothamnus quadrifidus, Allocasuarina humilis, Eucalyptus petrensis and Eucalyptus foecunda. These will be grown to provide plants for future planting in the park.

Adopt-a-Highway Program

We continued our involvement in the Adopt-a-Highway program, with a small group meeting quarterly to collect rubbish from the West Coast Highway frontage of the park. About 20 – 30 large bags of rubbish were collected each time and were later picked up by Town of Cambridge staff. This valuable activity helps to keep this very visible edge of the park looking cared for and respectable.


Thanks to all the BGPA staff who have assisted us in the past year, especially to Melissa Mykytiuk and Veronica Newbury, and to Jacqui Kennedy, who held a very useful workshop with our guides. We have also welcomed Madeleine Kelly, as new front counter person at Bold Park.

Thanks are also due to all our active members – those on the Executive Committee, our bushcare team, our highway rubbish pickup team, and our guides.

This year particular thanks go to the very large number of members who assisted with our inaugural Open Day, helping to make it an enormous success.

Stephanie Clegg

President, Friends of Bold Park Bushland (Inc)

Friends of Kings Park

The Friends of Kings Park has continued to partner with BGPA during the 2012/13 financial year to ensure the experience for all visitors to the Park is improved.

As we celebrated our 20th anniversary in May this year we reflected on the vast achievements resulting from this partnership over this time. With our community partner Lotterywest we have attracted over $8.5million in grants for Kings Park projects. These projects include the development of the Water Garden, the Lotterywest Family area, the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, the Place of Reflection, the Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park facility and numerous Kings Park Festivals. Over the same period we have also provided over $535,000 to Kings Park from our own fundraising activities for projects and research a truly wonderful achievement.

On 20 June 2013 the Friends committee and staff were invited to a meeting of the Board of Management for BGPA. As the current President, I had the privilege of addressing the Board to highlight our involvement in Kings Park over 20 years. I spoke of the role we have played, the funding we have contributed, as well as the many thousands of hours given by our members to ensure the Park remains one of Australia’s foremost Botanic Gardens. In response, the Chairman Richard Simpson on behalf of the Board, gave the Friends a vote thanks for 20 years of partnership and support. The Board regarded the involvement of the Friends as “awesome” and believed Kings Park a far better place due to volunteering and involvement of the Friends.

Management Committee

At the 2012 Annual General Meeting in October we were unable to complete the election of committee office bearers, and it was deferred until the November general meeting. The new committee elected to manage the Friends over the next 12 months is as follows:


Martin Revell

Vice President

Chris Day (resigned April 2013)


Liz Millward

Committee member/Magazine Editor

Tony Scalzo

Committee member

Pippa Moodie

Committee member

Val Gough

Committee member

Darren Harrop

Committee member

Kim Smith

Committee member

Alex Hew

Immediate Past President

Bob Bunney - Leave of Absence

from December 2012 to October 2013

BGPA representative

Kirsten Marwick / Larr Rose

The Friends’ membership has continued grow and totals 1,288, comprising 1,152 community members and 136 BGPA staff members. The challenge we have is to reduce the attrition rate of members not renewing following their initial membership. The Committee will continue to look at ways of addressing this problem.

Members continue to commit themselves to the long term goals of the Friends. This is shown by the presentation at the Christmas party of 15 Year Volunteer Badges and Certificates to Phyllis Bentley, Elizabeth Forbes and Darren Harrop and 10 Year Volunteer Badges and Certificates to Susan Dolgoy, Rosemary Markham, Pippa Moodie, Val Preston, Anne Read, Margaret Wood and Lynda Woodhams.

At our Anniversary meeting in May Certificates of Merit were presented to Megan Lloyd and Glenn Cook. Both Megan and Glenn have been stalwarts of the Weekend Bushland Carers since the group started in the mid –1990s. I understand some members of the group attend just to sample Megan’s cakes for morning tea. Joanne Dumaresq was presented with a gift voucher for managing the office while we were appointing our new staff members Liz Laurie and Tammy Pinkerton last year and for the support she has given to them while they settled into the job.

In November 2012 we entered Tony Scalzo, our Magazine editor and coordinator of the Growing Friends, Weekend Bushland carer and Committee member, in the Members of Parliament 2012 National Volunteer Award for the Environment in the Curtin Electorate. We attended the office of the Hon Julie Bishop on 13 December for the presentation where it was announced Tony had not only won the Environment Award but also the Volunteer of the Year Award. This was a wonderful recognition of all the work Tony does with the Friends and also the role of the Friends in the broader community

The quarterly plant sales continue to attract a large group of buyers, with gross sales exceeding $152,325, representing a small increase on last year. The 2012 Festival Plant sale took place during extreme weather conditions which was not ideal for the queues of people seeking access to the sale on the Saturday morning. Despite these difficulties, we were sold out by Monday afternoon and closed the sale early. Those in the queue were in good humour though it is something we will ensure does not happen again. In future the Festival Plant sale will be moving to the Exhibition Ground where we hold our quarterly sales to allow us more room to accommodate the crowds attending the sale.

The tremendous work undertaken by the Growing Friends is the basis for the continued success of our plant sales both in terms of the money raised and the excellent reputation enjoyed by the Friends in the high quality and wide range of plants species available. Under the leadership of Tony Scalzo, Val Gough and Pippa Moodie, the Growing Friends continue to enhance this reputation and uphold the high standards set by Kings Park. They are ably assisted by the volunteers who support the sales with the setting up and breakdown of the marquee, tables and plants and by the sellers on the days, making it a successful team effort. It is with members like this we are able to promote the Friends as an volunteer organisation of choice to join and support, and raise considerable funds for Kings Park.

The Skyshow on Australia Day was a great success and the Friends collected $8,007, which was more than collected last year. The money was used to provide new water fountains as part of our funding to Kings Park this year. Visitors who walked over the Lotterywest Federation Walkway donated $8,620.90 to the Friends of Kings Park.

General Meetings

As part of its commitment to provide members with interesting, up to date information on environmental issues and work in progress and achieved through Kings Park, members and guests are treated to a different speaker at the general meetings from February through to November. Although numbers are sometimes low, the quality of the speakers is first class. Many speakers are those who have received Friends’ scholarships, talking about their experiences and what they have learned. On behalf of the Friends, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our guest speakers this year:


Guest Speaker


12 July 2012

Professor Jonathan Majer Department of Environmental Biology Curtin University

Dead standing trees contribute to the conservation of arthropods in burnt woodland of Kings Park

9 August 2012

Jim Baker Bibbulmun track end to ender

Bibbulmun track

8 September 2012

Adam Cross PhD student BGPA/UWA

Kimberley Research part funded by Friends of Kings Park

11 October 2012 (Annual General Meeting)

Digby Growns

Senior Plant Breeder


BGPA plant breeding program.

8 November 2012

Michael Forte

Peth City Farm

Perth City Farm Climate Reality Project

9 February 2013

Jan Bant


Friends of the Western Swamp Tortoise

How can we help the Western Swamp Tortoise

14 March 2013

Norm Manners


Honour Avenue Kings Park Group

The Remembrance Plaques of Kings Park

14 April 2013

Kings Park Master Gardeners

Restoring the most extra-ordinary thing in the world” - report from the inaugural Mary-Rose Paterson Scholarship winners

10 May 2013

(20th Anniversary meeting)

Emma Dalziel

PhD student BGPA/UWA

The Waterlilies from Nature to Naturescape”

Kimberley Research project part funded by Friends of Kings Park

14 June 2013

Chris Swarts, BGPA, Bold Park, Vic Galea Scholarship winner 2012

His visit to Kirstenboch Botanic Gardens at Capetown South Africa working with the Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers (CREW) and the Millennium Seed Bank


The Friends of Kings Park has three scholarships to award on an annual basis:

The Vic Galea Scholarship is awarded to a staff member of BGPA to develop their skills by visiting other Botanic Gardens and promoting Kings Park while at the same time increasing their knowledge of their work interest. This year it was awarded to Lisa Collyer and Ben Anderson. Lisa will visit the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne to gain an insight into potential Australian bedding plant options for Kings Park. Ben will be travelling to the University of Sydney to attend a workshop on phylogenic analysis. We look forward Lisa and Ben addressing a future Friends’ General Meeting with the results of their visits.

The Tom Alford Scholarship is the formerly named Friends of Kings Park Scholarship, it has been renamed in recognition of years of dedication and leadership Tom has given to the Friends. This scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2013 year under its new name. As no applications had been received for this scholarship in 2012, the money was carried over and four awards each of $1000 were presented. The recipients were volunteers Jane Tucker, Glenda Prideaux, Tony Lightman and Caroline Carlton.

The Mary-Rose Paterson Scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2012 and this year the recipients were volunteers Jeanine Russell and John Gardner.

The recipients of both the Tom Alford and the Mary-Rose Scholarships will be attending the 13th Australasian Conference of Volunteer Guides in Botanic Gardens Conference in Christchurch New Zealand later in the year. We look forward to them returning from Christchurch and briefing us on the outcomes of the conference.

Support and funding for Other Projects

The Friends continued its partnership with Lotterywest to support the 2012 Wildflower Festival.

The Friends also had great pleasure in providing funding from our own sources to support a science project looking at Spinifex managed by BGPA, a new soil trolley for the nursery and the seven new drinking fountains. The total funding provided for these projects was $47,000. For the second year we won a grant from Volunteering WA to promote all BGPA volunteer organisations during Volunteer Week which happily coincided with our May 2013 Plant sale. A marquee was erected and the Volunteer Guides, Master Gardeners, Honour Avenue Group and the Friends of Bold Park were all present to promote their organisation to the visitors and attendees to the Plant Sale. To complement this, a grant was won from Lotterywest to provide refreshments for all the volunteers, which included a muffin, piece of fruit and a coffee from the coffee van, which was a nice way to celebrate volunteering in Kings Park.
In September 2012 we entered the Orange Seed Project, a joint initiative between Jack in the Box and the West Australian newspaper which was open to not for profit organisations to assist them in promoting themselves to the wider community. We were shortlisted from the original 60 applicants to the final ten. Once selected in the final ten, we were asked to produce a 90 second video on what we do and how we do it. Tammy Pinkerton and Liz Laurie organised with local media people to produce the video. The result was a unique video that was submitted for a public vote via the internet. We attended a presentation evening at the Perth Belltower in which we were shortlisted in the final five. The Friends was one of the four runners up, with the winner being the Perth Bone and Tissue Bank. To be in the final five shortlist of winnerswas beyond our expectations and meant we received a $1,000 cheque plus a $20,000 in-kind media package from the West Australian.

Friends’ Groups Activities

The Growing Friends as mentioned earlier continue to produce broad range of excellent quality plants in large numbers. It is an ongoing process for the group as they look at ways to improve the presentation of the plants at the sales with new photo labelling and descriptions. There is also a continuing need for the group to organise training sessions for new volunteers while them same time allowing the present members to improve their skills in different areas such as grafting.

The Orchid Growing Group continues to assist the BGPA’s science staff with repotting of the orchid collection and the plants are multiplying and growing strongly in the glasshouse. The Group would like to thank Dr David Merritt, Dr Kingsley Dixon and Grady Brand for their dedication and guidance throughout the year.

The Bushland Carers Group is the quiet contributor to the bushland as all the hard work takes time to come to the attention of visitors. The members of this group have been involved over a long period of time and the committee thanks them for their dedication and effort. The Committee thanks Glenn Cook, Megan Lloyd and Alex Hew for their leadership roles and BGPA staff for their support of this group.

The Botanic Garden Carers assist in providing a major show of plants to visitors within Kings Park and Botanic Garden by assisting in replanting and weeding the gardens, to ensure the visitor experience to Kings Park is enhanced by the species on display.

The Naturescapers group was formed to be actively involved in the daily operations of Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park and we now have 32 Naturescapers, although this number is down from last year. There is plenty of opportunities for new members to volunteer in this area.

The Office Carers continue to ensure all members receive their newsletters and magazines on time. The group meet at the Main Lodge regularly to pack all the envelopes with the monthly information and new member packs. We have a growing number of members who receive their newsletters by email and this is reducing the costs of posting out on a monthly basis.


Once again, this year, our Magazine Editor, Tony Scalzo and Graphic Designers, Rosalie Okely and Ji Min have created a wonderful calendar and continue to produce the Friends of Kings Park quarterly magazine, For People and Plants. Our appreciation goes out to Tony for his dedication and all the contributors to the magazine.

Botanic Gardens and Park Authority

On behalf of the Friends of Kings Park, I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Chief Executive Officer, Mark Webb, Director of Business and Visitor Services, Marcelle Broderick and all the BGPA staff for the support they provided to the Friends and Friends’ Groups, throughout the year and over the past twenty years.

Staff and support to the Friends

I would like to acknowledge and say thank you for the support provided to me, the Committee, and to members by the Friends Office Administrator, Liz Laurie and Membership and Events Officer Tammy Pinkerton.

I would like to acknowledge the assistance, accounting advice and hard work from the Friends’ Auditor, Bruce Donald and thank him for his continued willingness to provide this assistance.

I would like to thank all our members, who contribute in so many ways and without whom we would not be able to support Kings Park to the extent we are able to do. It is a pleasure to represent our members and their involvement, energy, commitment and the enthusiasm and life they bring to the Friends is sincerely appreciated.

See you in the Park.

Martin Revell

President, Friends of Kings Park

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