Lachesis (The Surucucu) as a Teacher, Through they Eyes of those With Whom She Works

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Valerie Lovelace 

Copyright January 27, 2006 



LACHESIS (The Surucucu) as a Teacher, Through they Eyes of those 

With Whom She Works 


Comments From Her Students:  


I’ll tell you, Mrs. Surucucu is one of the smartest teachers I have, but there’s just no pleasing 

her.  Not ever.  And I’m not joking about this.  Just the other day I was absent because I had 

to get my braces adjusted.  She knows I do that once a month.  Still, she accused me of 

skipping her class.  She was so angry I couldn’t even reason with her.  She’s suspicious of 

all of us.  She always thinks we’re up to no good. 


At lunch in the cafeteria we were joking among ourselves.  We were talking about a movie 

we had seen.  She stormed over to our table and berated us for laughing at her and 

gossiping.  She’s just hyper-sensitive.  


I hate it when she gets overheated.  She opens all the windows in the classroom.  We’re 

freezing to death, there’s papers blowing all over the place, and she claims to be burning up. 


I can tell when she gets one of her headaches.  She’s hyper-hyper-sensitive about 

everything, and the arteries in her neck and temples pulse visibly.  Looks like she’s going to 

keel over when she’s like that.  I get worried she’s going to have a heart attack or 

something.  I don’t want to have to be the one to give her CPR. 


Sometimes I can hardly keep up with her.  She talks so fast and gets so excited about the 

subject at times that she’s going a mile a minute.  And she gets mad at us if we can’t keep 

up or we ask her to repeat herself.  Its almost as if she is going so fast that she can’t even 

remember what she says! 


She really is sarcastic when she’s angry, you could almost say she’s mean.  She gets some 

of the more sensitive students crying when she gives them a tongue-lashing.  It’s like she 

knows exactly the right thing to say to hurt their feelings.  I really don’t like her very much. 


She called my parents and told them I wasn’t doing my work in class.  I can’t believe it.  I 

always do my work.  I really think she did it because she thought I was talking about her in 

Copyright January 27, 2006 


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Valerie Lovelace 

Copyright January 27, 2006 



the cafeteria.  She wanted to know the next day if I had had any “interesting” conversations 

with my parents lately.  She’s a hyper-bitch. 


She has an ego that won’t quit.  You’d think she invented history herself, for crying out loud.   


She cracks me up.  She seems so intense and so forceful, but one of my classmates was 

talking on break about his pet snake and showed us a picture of it, and she overheard us.  I 

thought she was going to faint right then and there.  She went pale and had to leave the 

cafeteria after she saw the picture.  I never thought she would be afraid of anything – she’s 

so mean at times that I think snakes should be afraid of her! 


I really like the way she dresses.  Her clothes are upscale, fancy and colorful, and very 

stylish.  I really wish I could wear clothes like that.  Her husband is a hunk.  But I think she 

thinks he’s fooling around on her alI the time.  She doesn’t always talk very nice about him. 


Comments From Her Colleagues:  


Muta is something else.  She seems…uh…well, I’m not sure how to describe it.  Extreme, 

maybe.  She seems to be really sensitive at times, and really explosive at others.  I tend to 

tiptoe around her – I’m never really sure whether she will fly off the handle, accuse me of 

sleeping with her husband, or take me into her confidence to gossip about someone else.  

She seems like a really jealous type, or something like that.  Its almost as though she feels 

the need to make sure she is seen in a good light and to do that, she has to put others 



Ah, Muta.  A very remarkable lady.  My god.  If I wasn’t already married, and if she wasn’t 

married – well – can’t tell you how I would like that chase.   Those clothes she wears don’t 

help.  Not really revealing per se, but…well, enticing is a good word.  Loose at the neck, 

flowing and wispy at the waist – almost a tease to imagine what she has underneath.  She’s 

not the best looking woman, but she’s lithe and there’s just something…well…stirring about 

her…in a dangerous sort of way, I guess.  Its intriguing to a guy like me. 

Copyright January 27, 2006 


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Valerie Lovelace 

Copyright January 27, 2006 




She’s very bright.  Very smart.  Knows a lot.  In fact, I am amazed at how much she knows, 

given she isn’t that old and for all intents and purposes has an average education – not like 

a PhD or anything.  But she’s got it together intellectually.  Sometimes maybe a little absent-

minded, but usually very quick, on her toes – hard to keep up with her sometimes. 


We’re friends and I worry about her.  She gets awful headaches sometimes.  She’s not very 

old, but she seems to suffer a lot with her health.  I really thought her husband was beating 

her for all the bruises she gets –they sometimes argue a lot.  She insists that she just 

bruises easily and deeply and that he’s never laid a mean hand on her.  The bruises are so 

dark and purple; it seems to me that they are just too big to be accidental.  When she has 

the headaches or the bruises, just a light touch causes her the greatest pain.  She says 

when she hurts that much, she may as well just give up because she feels like she’s already 

dead.  She has a lot of ‘girl’ problems, if you know what I mean.  She gets really awful sore 

throats, too. 


I notice when she is giving presentations, the lights of the overhead projector bother her a 

lot.  She rubs her eyes a lot and tries not to look at  the light.  She keeps half the lights off in 

her classroom, come to think of it…the students are always talking about “the cave” they 

have to study in.  I thinks she must have eye trouble, because sometimes it looks like she’s 

just staring. 


Most of the time she’s pretty cheerful and seems okay.  Some days, though, she is difficult 

to understand.  She talks lightning fast, changes topics all the time, and she sometimes 

mumbles under her breath, like she’s talking to herself or something.  And once in a while 

she just stops, right in the middle of a sentence – as though her train of thought simply 

stopped dead.   


Comments From Her Supervisor:  

Copyright January 27, 2006 


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Valerie Lovelace 

Copyright January 27, 2006 




Muta is a bright teacher and very dedicated to her work.  She is very intense at times

though, and on a few occasions I’ve had to speak to her privately about some challenges I 

think she should work on.  She’s a bit of a pessimist and sometimes gets a little too personal 

with her comments in staff meetings and with the students.  Most of the time she is very 

positive and upbeat.  But sometimes she just seems to lash out –some days she is very 

sensitive.  Her students all seem to do well under her guidance, but I’m not sure its so much 

because she is an inspirational teacher as it is that she is a fearsome one! 


Comments From Herself:  


I just have these periods of time when I can’t remember a thing.  I just go blank, like 

something has snatched my thoughts away.  I have trouble concentrating when this 

happens, and I get easily confused. 


I don’t feel good about this, but I have this jealousy – I just can’t explain it.  My neighbor’s 

husband bought her a new car, and I was beside myself.  I have a  nice car, I have no 

reason to feel this way.  I should be happy for her, and instead I’m jealous and secretly feel 

spiteful about it. 


I always feel better as soon as my menses start.  Up to that point, I get horrible headaches, 

and I feel like everything is just too tight.  Feels like my eyes will pop right out of my head. 


My dreams?  I often have premonitions in my dreams.  Sometimes I know when things are 

going to happen, or I know ahead of time that something will happen.  I also have horrible 

nightmares sometimes.  They’re awful


I prefer to live in the country, really.  The city is too congested.  Too many people.  Too 

much crime.  It is simply too oppressive for me.  Sometimes people can be so evil to one 



What makes me angry?  Sometimes everything makes me angry.  And everyone.  I got 

really pissed off at someone at work after they said something to me.  Before I even knew it, 

Copyright January 27, 2006 


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Valerie Lovelace 

Copyright January 27, 2006 



I literally destroyed her with my words.  I felt like striking out, I couldn’t seem to help myself.  

After that, I had one of those awful headaches.   




This patient is already suffering some of the pathology that Lachesis treatment can help: 

easy bruising, photophobia, horrible headaches, menstrual problems, discomfort around the 

neck and waist, sore throats, and of course some of the key affections of the mind: jealousy, 

gossiping, suspicion of her students, loquacity, loss of thought, and what seems to her students 

and peers as unwarranted attacks and what they describe as “meanness.”  Reactions to her will 

differ, of course, depending on the constitutional types of her students and the staff of the 

school (and her husband, of course!), but there seems to be a general consensus that she is 



Without treatment, we can expect her condition to deepen gradually, and perhaps shift 

quite dramatically as she reaches menopause, as these patients suffer greatly from suppressed 

discharges.  She will likely develop heart and circulatory problems, difficulty breathing, and a 

worsening of her eye problems.  Lachesis has a strong affect on the blood and circulation, and 

as this occurs, the headaches will become more and more violent with the disturbances in her 

blood.  She may describe sensations in her chest of constriction, oppression, and a feeling “as if 

the heart is suspended by a string.”  This may be accompanied by irregular heartbeat, 

palpitations, and a heavy heartbeat that is felt throughout the body as a pulsing sensation. 


Clothing about the neck and abdomen already appear to trouble her, and this will also 

worsen as she feels ever more constricted.  She may have problems with bloating, difficulty with 

stool, and ultimately develop bleeding hemorrhoids.  Wounds will bleed easily and freely, but 

with a dark, old looking blood.  These will likely heal with difficulty and may even threaten to go 

septic.  She is likely to develop varicosities as well. 

Copyright January 27, 2006 


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Valerie Lovelace 

Copyright January 27, 2006 




She may lose the tendency to loquacity and instead suffer increasing difficulty of thought 

and inability to find the right words.  Her state of mind will increasingly move towards anxiety, 

imagined fears and suspicions, and increasing sensitivity to all the senses (noise and touch in 

particular).  She may become more introverted, suppressing her emotions and sexuality as she 

succumbs to deeper symptoms– which will simply cause more and more aggravation of her 

condition.  Left-sided symptoms may move to the right as they worsen. 


She could begin to suffer (if she isn’t already) from violent, dangerous, or frightening 

dreams and her imaginations and fear will grow along with this.  These can disturb her sleep 

and her sense of well-being.  Symptoms of the mind (such as suspicion, jealousy, anger, fear, 

difficult memory, religious affections, and so forth) will deepen and can lead to insanity or fear of 

insanity.  As her life progresses, we can expect to see her condition worsen with situations 

promoting “ailments from” in Lach patients: loss of loved ones, mortification, anger, 

disappointment, and discord (which, as she worsens, is apt to happen more often in her 

relations with others). 

Copyright January 27, 2006 


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Valerie Lovelace 

School of Homeopathy 

Student ID: H6973Y/N 

January 27, 2006 

Assignment Q6M1/f 

Lachesis Picture 



DELUSIONS, thinks he is away from 


COMPANY, aversion to, desires solitude 

to indulge her fancy* 

FEAR, of touch 

COMPANY, aversion to, desires solitude 

to indulge her fancy, when pregnant* 


DELUSION, that his mother is dead* 

DELUSION, that heart is too large* 

JEALOUSY, as foolish as it is irresistible* 


DELERIUM, changes subjects rapidly* 

DELERIUM, from fatigue, study, etc* 

DELERIUM, from mental exertion* 

INDUSTRIOUS, in the evening* 

MANIA, after mental exertion* 

MEMORY Active, from suppressing sexual 


PROSTRATION of mind, after eating* 

STUPEFACTION, amel when feet become 




FEAR, of insanity 


WEEPING, from anecdotes* 

WEEPING, at soothing poetry* 


FORGETFUL of everything that had 

occurred for six years* 

HURRY, as night* 

FEAR, at night 

FEAR, in the evening 

DELUSIONS, that it is always afternoon 


FEAR, of death 

DELUSIONS, that he himself is dead 

DELUSIONS, that time has come to die 


CRAWLING on the floor* 

Insanity, crawls on the floor* 


DELUSIONS, bed were sinking 

DELUSIONS, floating in air 

DELUSIONS, that he is floating in air and 

not resting in bed 

FEAR, of the bed 

FEAR, to go to sleep 

FEAR, on waking 

DELUSIONS, fancies he was carried into 

space while lying 

DELUSIONS, that body is lighter than air 

DELUSIONS, sensation of flying 


FEAR, when riding in a carriage 

DELUSIONS, thinks that he is on a 



DELUSIONS, converses with absent 


DELUSIONS, house is full of people 


DELUSIONS, is under superhuman 


DELUSIONS, is under a powerful 



DELUSIONS, of being double 

DELUSIONS, thinks he is some other 


DELUSIONS, errors of personal identity 

DELUSIONS, errors of personal identity, 

thinks that she is someone else 


DELUSIONS, sees devils 

FEAR, of evil 

THOUGHTS, persistent, of evil* 

DELUSIONS, sees dead persons 

DELUSION, imaginations, 

hallucinations, illusions 

DELUSIONS, sees images, phantoms 

DELUSIONS, sees images, phantoms, 

when alone 

DELUSIONS, sees spectres, ghosts, 

spirits, on closing eyes 

DELUSIONS, sees images, phantoms, 



DELUSION, thinks medicine is poison* 

FEAR, of being poisoned 

FEAR, after eating 

DELUSIONS, that is about to receive an 


DELUSIONS, that there were conspiracies 

against him 

DELUSIONS, has suffered wrong 

DELUSIONS, thought he was pursued by 


DELUSIONS, is being injured 

FEAR, of misfortune 

FEAR, of impending disease 

FEAR, of the cholera 

FEAR, of water 

FEAR, of apoplexy 

FEAR, of heart disease 

FEAR, of infection 

DELUSIONS, snakes in and around him 

DELUSIONS, sees thieves in house 

FEAR, of robbers 

FEAR, that someone is behind him 


FEAR, or people 

FEAR, of men 

FEAR, of strangers 

DELUSIONS, sees people, that someone 

is behind him 

DELUSIONS, is being injured by his 




DELUSIONS, sees visions 

DELUSIONS, beautiful 

DELUSIONS, beautiful, landscapes 

DELUSIONS, sees beautiful visions 

DELUSION, visions, clouds of colors* 

DELUSIONS, sees visions on closing the 


DELUSIONS, illusions of fancy 

DELUSIONS, sees images, phantoms, 


DELUSIONS, sees fantastic visions 

DELUSIONS, sees wonderful visions 

DELUSIONS, hears voices 

DELUSIONS, fancies he hears music 

DELUSIONS, fancies he hears music, 

delightful music 

DELUSIONS, hears sweetest and 

sublimest music 

FEAR, of thunderstorms  

AILMENTS, anger 

AILMENTS, anticipation 

AILMENTS, bad news 

AILMENTS, death of loved ones 

AILMENTS, death of a child 

AILMENTS, debauchery 

AILMENTS, disappointment 

AILMENTS, discords between chief and 


AILMENTS, discords with one’s friends 

AILMENTS, discords with one’s parents 

AILMENTS, egotism 

AILMENTS, emotional excitement 

AILMENTS, emotional excitement, 

children are ill at certain moments 

AILMENTS, fright 

AILMENTS, fright, during menses 

AILMENTS, grief 

AILMENTS, jealousy 

AILMENTS, love, disappointed 

AILMENTS, mental exertion 

AILMENTS, mortification 

AILMENTS, punishment

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Valerie Lovelace 

School of Homeopathy 

Student ID: H6973Y/N 

January 27, 2006 

Assignment Q6M1/f 

Lachesis Picture 




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Document Outline

  • LACHESIS (The Surucucu) as a Teacher, Through they Eyes of those With Whom She Works
    • COMPANY, aversion to, desires solitude to indulge her fancy*
    • COMPANY, aversion to, desires solitude to indulge her fancy, when pregnant*
    • DELUSION, that his mother is dead*
    • DELUSION, that heart is too large*
    • JEALOUSY, as foolish as it is irresistible*
      • DELERIUM, changes subjects rapidly*
        • DELERIUM, from fatigue, study, etc*
        • DELERIUM, from mental exertion*
        • INDUSTRIOUS, in the evening*
        • MANIA, after mental exertion*
        • MEMORY Active, from suppressing sexual desire*
        • PROSTRATION of mind, after eating*
        • STUPEFACTION, amel when feet become warm*
        • UNCONSCIOUSNESS, on looking upwards*
        • FEAR, of insanity
        • WEEPING, from anecdotes*
        • WEEPING, at soothing poetry*
        • FORGETFUL of everything that had occurred for six years*
        • HURRY, as night*
        • FEAR, at night
        • FEAR, in the evening
        • DELUSIONS, that it is always afternoon
        • FEAR, of death
        • DELUSIONS, that he himself is dead
        • DELUSIONS, that time has come to die
          • CRAWLING on the floor*
            • Insanity, crawls on the floor*
            • DELUSIONS, bed were sinking
            • DELUSIONS, floating in air
            • DELUSIONS, that he is floating in air and not resting in bed
            • FEAR, of the bed
            • FEAR, to go to sleep
            • FEAR, on waking
            • DELUSIONS, fancies he was carried into space while lying
            • DELUSIONS, that body is lighter than air
            • DELUSIONS, sensation of flying
            • FEAR, when riding in a carriage
            • DELUSIONS, thinks that he is on a journey
            • DELUSIONS, thinks he is away from home
            • DELUSIONS, converses with absent people
            • DELUSIONS, house is full of people
            • DELUSIONS, is under superhuman control
            • DELUSIONS, is under a powerful influence
            • DELUSIONS, of being double
            • DELUSIONS, thinks he is some other person
            • DELUSIONS, errors of personal identity
            • DELUSIONS, errors of personal identity, thinks that she is someone else
            • DELUSIONS, sees devils
            • FEAR, of evil
            • THOUGHTS, persistent, of evil*
            • DELUSIONS, sees dead persons
            • DELUSION, imaginations, hallucinations, illusions
            • DELUSIONS, sees images, phantoms
            • DELUSIONS, sees images, phantoms, when alone
            • DELUSIONS, sees spectres, ghosts, spirits, on closing eyes
            • DELUSIONS, sees images, phantoms, frightful
            • DELUSION, thinks medicine is poison*
            • FEAR, of being poisoned
            • FEAR, after eating
            • DELUSIONS, that is about to receive an injury
            • DELUSIONS, that there were conspiracies against him
            • DELUSIONS, has suffered wrong
            • DELUSIONS, thought he was pursued by enemies
            • DELUSIONS, is being injured
            • FEAR, of misfortune
            • FEAR, of impending disease
            • FEAR, of the cholera
            • FEAR, of water
            • FEAR, of apoplexy
            • FEAR, of heart disease
            • FEAR, of infection
            • DELUSIONS, snakes in and around him
            • DELUSIONS, sees thieves in house
            • FEAR, of robbers
            • FEAR, that someone is behind him
            • FEAR, of touch
            • FEAR, or people
            • FEAR, of men
            • FEAR, of strangers
            • DELUSIONS, sees people, that someone is behind him
            • DELUSIONS, is being injured by his surroundings
            • DELUSIONS, vivid
            • DELUSIONS, sees visions
            • DELUSIONS, beautiful
            • DELUSIONS, beautiful, landscapes
            • DELUSIONS, sees beautiful visions
            • DELUSION, visions, clouds of colors*
            • DELUSIONS, sees visions on closing the eyes
            • DELUSIONS, illusions of fancy
            • DELUSIONS, sees images, phantoms, pleasant
            • DELUSIONS, sees fantastic visions
            • DELUSIONS, sees wonderful visions
            • DELUSIONS, hears voices
            • DELUSIONS, fancies he hears music
            • DELUSIONS, fancies he hears music, delightful music
            • DELUSIONS, hears sweetest and sublimest music
            • FEAR, of thunderstorms 
            • AILMENTS, anger
            • AILMENTS, anticipation
            • AILMENTS, bad news
            • AILMENTS, death of loved ones
            • AILMENTS, death of a child
            • AILMENTS, debauchery
            • AILMENTS, disappointment
            • AILMENTS, discords between chief and subordinates
            • AILMENTS, discords with one’s friends
            • AILMENTS, discords with one’s parents
            • AILMENTS, egotism
            • AILMENTS, emotional excitement
            • AILMENTS, emotional excitement, children are ill at certain moments
            • AILMENTS, fright
            • AILMENTS, fright, during menses
            • AILMENTS, grief
            • AILMENTS, jealousy
            • AILMENTS, love, disappointed
            • AILMENTS, mental exertion
            • AILMENTS, mortification
            • AILMENTS, punishment 
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