Key offering features Transaction timetable Shareholding structure

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Key offering features

Transaction timetable

Shareholding structure

Marco P. Perelli-Cippo

  • Chief Executive Officer

Campari Group: a leader in the beverage sector

  • Italy’s largest (ninth largest globally) producer and distributor of branded spirits

  • The spirits portfolio includes three of the top 100 premium brands (Campari, CampariSoda, Cynar)

  • Cinzano is the second best-selling brand in the global vermouth category

  • The three largest markets are Italy, Germany and Brazil

  • A distribution network covering more than 190 countries worldwide

  • An attractive portfolio of third party brands completes its quality product offering

A long history of tradition and expansion

The diversification phase

Cinzano: awakening the “sleeping beauty”

  • In November 1999, Campari acquired Cinzano from UDV

  • The Cinzano line is made up of vermouths and sparkling wines

  • Cinzano is a truly global brand with a 250 year history

  • Distributed in over 100 countries, Cinzano is the world’s no.2 vermouth and is also a leading brand in sparkling wines

  • With Cinzano, Campari is proving its capability to create value by revitalising the brand through a focused and unique marketing strategy

Brazil: the latest successful acquisition

A successful growth story

Stefano Saccardi

Current brand portfolio

Spirits: strong brands to tap markets worldwide

Spirits: a portfolio of successful brands

Spirits: a portfolio of successful brands

Wines: a division with high potential

Wines: market leaders

Soft drinks: a growing segment

Soft drinks: market leaders

A market driven company

A marketing driven company

Global distribution coverage

  • Distribution in over 190 countries

  • Direct networks where critical mass has been achieved (i.e. Italy, Brazil, Switzerland and Germany)

  • Joint-Ventures with qualified operators in selected markets (Benelux)

  • The best independent distributors everywhere else

Paolo Marchesini

  • Chief Financial Officer

A track record of high sales

Spirits segment overview

Wines segment overview

Soft Drinks segment overview

A strong financial base to fuel continuing growth

Marco P. Perelli-Cippo

  • Chief Executive Officer

Climbing the ladder of global leadership

Campari’s competitive positioning

Reasons for Campari’s continued success


Investment highlights

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