Giovani in crescendo

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Music Competition – 3rd edition
Pesaro, 18-19-20 April 2016

Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini with the support of Comune di Pesaro (Pesaro Municipality) announces the second edition of the music competition “Giovani in Crescendo”.

Pesaro, washed by the Adriatic sea, with its culture, its ideal size, its lifestyle and its treasures has made hospitality its vocation. Pesaro has a flourishing tourist industry, based mainly on seaside holidays. A seven kilometres long beach surrounded by Monte San Bartolo National Park, bathing establishments with fine sand and shallow water, a harbour well connected to the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea make Pesaro an ideal place to relax. But Pesaro is also a historical centre with elegant streets, museums, churches, fortresses, ancient and modern libraries and interesting events all year round.

With his music Gioachino Rossini brought international renown to the city of Pesaro. Tourists can take a pleasant stroll on the Rossini trail: his house, the Conservatory, the Theatre, the Foundation and Rossini Opera Festival Headquarters. His house is now a museum and has materials donated or willed, including prints, etchings, official portraits and music scores. The Conservatory of Music was set up with the funds he left to the city for that purpose and many world famous musicians and directors (Renata Tebaldi, Mario Del Monaco, Riz Ortolani, Pietro  Mascagni, Amilcare Zanella, Riccardo Zandonai and Franco Alfano) studied there.
The Theatre was named for Gioacchino Rossini on his death in 1855, but was inaugurated in 1637 as Teatro del Sole and renamed Teatro Nuovo in 1818 when Rossini conducted his opera La Gazza Ladra. Today it is used for cultural events all year round. Another delightful stop on the Rossini trail is the Tempietto inside the eighteenth-century Palazzo Olivieri, where Rossini Foundation has its headquarters. Here are kept the manuscripts of the operas first staged in Naples: Elisabetta, Regina d’Inghilterra; Otello, ossia il Moro di Venezia; Armida; La donna del lago; Maometto II; Adina. The recently opened Rossini Foundation Library has: critical editions of his works; a rich nineteenth-century collection, known as the Lord St. Davids collection; an excellent bibliography of literature concerning Rossini; a music library, belonged to the conductor and composer Vittorio Gui; microfilms; encyclopaedias and dictionaries of music and entertainment. Rossini Opera Festival takes place annually in August and is the only international opera festival devoted exclusively to Rossini. It is one of the most important music festivals in Europe attracting enthusiasts and experts from all over the world.

The aim of this music competition is to promote the competition and the exchange of musical experiences to give to the young participants an important occasion to grow as performers, as musicians and, above all, as human beings.

The competition is open to the students of both public and private schools (primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, conservatories, private schools of music and academies).

Each school can participate also with students who do not attend a specific music school project but are talented and wish to participate as solo artists or as groups. Ex alumni can also participate (max age: 25 years old).

Individuals who do not attend schools or music schools but are between 6 years old and 25 years old can also participate. They will be in the section dedicated to Music and Singing private schools.


The competition in divided into the following sections:

Primary schools;

Secondary schools

Secondary schools specialized in music;

High schools;


Music High schools and Private schools of music.


Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini Prize (Participants must perform one of the song chosen by the orchestra. The list will be published on the orchestra web site:
Rossini Prize (Participants must perform a piece of music from Gioacchino Rossini repertoire)
Ortolani Prize (Participants must perform a piece of music from Riz Ortolani repertoire)
Groups (more than 6 participants) can choose any musical genre and the performance cannot last more than 10 minutes, for solo artists and small groups (2-6 participants) the performance cannot last more than 5 minutes. 10 minutes extra are given for the technical set-up (stage, microphones, instruments).

Unpublished songs cannot contain offensive words against people, institutions, religions etc. The violation of this rule leads to the disqualification of the contestant.

The selection process of the competition consists of just one hearing phase. After the hearing the selection committee will pinpoint the winners. The committee reserves the right to add another selection phase in case, after the first hearing, they cannot choose all the winners.

When the participants will register, they will also confirm their availability to perform during the final concert in April, 20th in case they will be chosen as winners (exceptions for special reasons will be taken into consideration). The selection committee will be composed of Conservatory professors, an orchestra director, a choir director, music teachers.

The selection committee decisions are incontestable, unappealable and irrevocable.

The participants are responsible for the possible damages caused to the theatre or the instruments made available.

The organizers are not responsible for the custody of the instruments and music sheets of the participants.
Riviera Incoming T.O. Confcommercio Pesaro e Urbino is the official partner of the Competition and has a special touristic offer for the participants and their escorts (document 5).

The organizers will not pay travels and expenses of the participants. During the whole competition a photographer and a video maker will be available for the participants.

All the selections could be open to the public audience. Video and audio registrations will be used for promotional purposes.

The organizers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the selections. In this second case, the registration fees already paid will be refunded.


In the days 18-19-20 April 2016 will be carried out selections in one of the theatres in Pesaro/Pesaro province (Italy).

The final concert will take place at Teatro Rossini in Pesaro on the 20th of April.

Solo artist 30,00 euros

Duo 40,00 euros

Groups (from 3 to 6 people) 60,00 euros

Gropus (from 7 to 20 people) 100,00 euros

5 euros extra per participants for groups larger than 20 people.

Renouncing to participate to the competition do not implies that the registration fee will be refunded.

The payment of the registration fee must be made by bank transfer using the following details:

IBAN, IT 97 G 03359 01600 100000067722.


It is compulsory to declare in the bank transfer reason: name of the competition, name of the school and section chosen.

The calendar of the hearings will be published on on 5 April 2016.

The participants must be present on the day and the time scheduled with all the materials they need to perform.

The organization will make available for the participants to the competition a piano, drums, speakers and music stands (special requests must be written in the technical form).

GIOVANI IN CRESCENDO (the award goes to the first of each section): plaque + scholarship (300,00 euros)
PREMIO ORCHESTRA SINFONICA G. ROSSINI (Rossini Symphony Orchestra Award): plaque + performance with Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini during important events taking place in beautiful places in Pesaro.
PREMIO MIGLIOR ESECUZIONE VOCALE (Best Vocal performance award): plaque
PREMIO MIGLIOR ESECUZIONE STRUMENTALE (Best instrumental performance award): plaque
PREMIO MIGLIOR INEDITO PRESENTATO (Best unpublished song award): plaque
PREMIO ROSSINI (Rossini award): plaque
PREMIO ORTOLANI (Ortolani award): plaque
Some of the participants could be invited to perform during important musical events taking place in Pesaro in the following months.
A participation certificate will be given to all the schools.


Subscription forms of “Giovani in Crescendo” Competition must be sent via e-mail within 22 March 2016 with the technical form and a copy of the bank transfer attached.
The organizers reserve the right to accept registrations arrived after the deadline.

Due to organizational reasons, in case of a large number of participants, the organizers reserve the right to accept the registrations according the arrival order.


The registration to the competition implies full and unconditional acceptance of the rules contained in this regulation that could vary if comes up causes of force majeure. The competition organization does not assume responsibility for any damages of any kind to people or objects during the event. For any dispute the Court of Pesaro has exclusive jurisdiction.


Under the art. 13 D. Lgs. 196/03, the data provided at registration will be retained by Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini and used exclusively for sending information about the Orchestra and the publication on the web site The holder can cancel and correct own details or oppose to their use. For any information write to:


Prof.ssa Rachele Pacifico

Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini

Prof.ssa Rachele Pacifico

Tel. +39 0721 1720147

Cell.+39 320 7982296


Orchestra Sinfonica G, Rossini

Tel. +39 0721 580094
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