Friends of u. C. Riverside botanic gardens fall plant sale saturday, October 22, 2011, noon to 4 p m

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Saturday, October 22, 2011, noon to 4 p.m.

Sunday, October 23, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., 951-784-6962

LIST OF PLANTS TO BE AVAILABLE (updated 25 September, 2011)

(Now including a portion of the cacti & succulents, but not herbs or blooming orchids)



attracts Hummingbirds


attracts Butterflies or feeds butterfly larvae


Water efficient/drought tolerant plants


California native plant or derivative


especially good cut Flower or cut Foliage


fragrant flowers ("S" for Scented)

The number of plants we expect to have available at the sale appears in brackets at the end of the plant description.  Double listings indicate multiple





Acacia berlandieri, "GUAJILLO" - Large shrub or small, multi-stemmed

tree; heat loving  w/ fernlike, light green leaves -- flowers fragrant, ball-like

puffs of stamens, white aging to cream & born in early spring.  [3] (W*S*)

Acacia  constricta,  "WHITETHORN  ACACIA"  -  Drought  tolerant,

deciduous, Southwest native small tree or large shrub w/ spiny  branches

&  tiny,  feathery  leaves;  flowers  are  fragrant,  yellow  bottlebrushes

produced summer.  [10] (H*W*S*)

Acacia greggii, "CATCLAW ACACIA" - Drought tolerant, deciduous

small tree/large shrub w/ spiny branches & tiny, ferny leaves; flowers are

fragrant, creamy yellow bottle-brushes produced spring to fall if irrigated.

[10/4] (H*W*C*S*)

Aesculus  californica,  "CALIF.  BUCKEYE"  -  Drought  tolerant,

California native tree w/ hand-shaped leaves & foot-long plumes of creamy

white, fragrant flowers in spring.  [17] (H*B*W*C*S*)

Albizia julibrissin, "SILK TREE" - Fast-growing, heat-loving, deciduous

tree of graceful, spreading form, w/ yellow-green, ferny leaves that fold up

at night & pink-powder-puff flowers over long summer season.  [14]


Arbutus 'Marina', "STRAWBERRY TREE" - Choice, evergreen tree

related to manzanita w/ handsome bark, large, deep green leaves, clusters

of tiny, pink, urn-shaped flowers in fall.  [15/10] (H*W*)

Bauhinia  variegata, "PURPLE ORCHID TREE" -  Spectacular,

deciduous tree w/ light green, 2-lobed leaves & 3-in. purple, orchidlike

flowers in late winter/early spring (a few may have white flowers).  [28/8]


Brachychiton discolor, "AUSTRALIAN LACEBARK" - Choice, nearly

evergreen, large tree w/ a thick, green-barked trunk, w/ large, maple-like

leaves, fuzzy pink, bell-shaped flowers & boat-shaped pods popular in

crafts & arrangements.  [12] (H*W*)

Caesalpinia mexicana, "MEXICAN BIRD-OF-PARADISE" - Heat-

loving, small tree or large shrub w/ ferny, blue-green leaves & showy

clusters of lemon yellow flowers throughout warm weather; needs good

drainage.  [15] (H*W*)

Calocedrus decurrens, "INCENSE CEDAR" - Widely adapted, Calif.

native, evergreen tree w/ dense, narrow, pyramidal crown & tiny, scale-like

leaves born in lushly green, flattened, aromatic sprays; branches popular

in holiday decorating.  [15/3] (W*C*)

Casimiroa edulis, "WHITE SAPOTE" - Subtropical tree, deciduous in

frost, w/ shiny green, hand-shaped, leaves & 3-4 in., pale yellow fruit w/

tropical flavor & custard-like texture (seedlings of 'Vernon').  [10/9] 

Cassia  leptophylla,  "GOLD  MEDALLION  TREE"  -  Graceful, fast-

growing tree to 25 ft. tall w/ divided leaves w/ 24 leaflets & spectacular

clusters of dark yellow flowers in summer, followed by interesting,

straight woody pods to 16 in. long.  [12] (B*)

Castanospermum australe, "MORETON BAY CHESTNUT" - Striking,

evergreen tree w/ large, dark green, glossy,  divided leaves & 8 in. spikes

of bright red & yellow, sweetpea-shaped flowers in summer, born even on

trunk & main branches.  [13] (H*B*)

Cercidium floridum, "BLUE PALO VERDE" - Drought tolerant, fast-

growing, small tree w/ bright green bark, blue-green branchlets, tiny,

divided leaves & covered w/ yellow flowers in spring.  [15] (H*W*C*)

Citrofortunella microcarpa, "CALAMONDIN" - Columnar, evergreen

small tree or shrub w/ lush, dark green foliage, fragrant white flowers & a


heavy crop of small, very sour, mandarin-like fruit used in marmelade &

cooking; very ornamental.  [17] (B*S*)

Citrus aurantifolia, "MEXICAN LIME, KEY LIME" - Evergreen large

shrub/ small tree for mildest Inland gardens; fragrant, white flowers &

small, tart-fleshed fruit that is yellow when ripe; seedlings of 'Giant Key

Lime'.  [6] (B*S*)

Cordia boissieri, "ANACAHUITA" - Hard-to-find, heat-loving small tree

or large shrub w/ 3-5 in., oval, rough textured leaves & clusters of trumpet-

shaped, white flowers w/ yellow throats from spring to fall; deciduous in

heavy frost.  [4/3] (B*W*)

Crinodendron  patagua,  "LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY  TREE"  -  Choice,

Chilean tree w/ appearance of evergreen oaks; small, leathery, holly-like

leaves & dainty, bell-shaped, white flowers & attractive cream & red seed

capsules.  [12] (W*)

Cryptomeria  japonica  'Elegans',  "PLUME  CEDAR"  -  Dense, slow-

growing, evergreen conifer w/ tiered branches & feathery, blue-green foliage

that turns a striking bronze-purple in winter.   [6] 

Erythrina cristi-galli, "COCKSPUR CORAL TREE" - Unusual, small

tree or large shrub w/ thick branches & clusters of velvety, brick or wine

red  flowers  intermittent  over  long  spring  to  fall  season;  hummingbird

favorite.  [29/7] (H*)

Erythrina x sykesii, "AUST. CORAL TREE" - Spectacular, medium-

sized tree w/, thick branches, 3-parted leaves w/ pointed leaflets & long

spikes  of  brilliant  orange-red  flowers in late winter/early spring;

hummingbird favorite.  [11/3] (H*)

Ficus  carica  'Brown  Turkey',  "BROWN  TURKEY  FIG"  - Fast-

growing, small- to medium-sized, deciduous tree w/ thick, picturesque,

white-barked trunk and branches, lobed leaves & sweet, dark-skinned fruit

in spring & summer (we grow it as 'Ramsey').  [11] (W*)

Garrya elliptica 'Evie', "SILKTASSEL" - Water efficient, Calif. native

small tree or large shrub w/ leathery, wavy-edged leaves that are dark gray

green above & white woolly below, & striking clusters of 10 in.,

pendulous flower tassels in winter.  [15] (W*C*)

Ginkgo biloba, "GINKGO TREE" - Slow-growing, deciduous tree w/

light green, fan-shaped leaves that color yellow in fall;  unsexed seedlings --

female trees may bear malodorous fruit, edible seeds.  [8] 

Heteromeles  arbutifolia,  "TOYON"  -  Versatile,  Calif.  native,  water-

efficient  small  tree/large  shrub  w/  toothed, glossy green leaves, large

clusters of white flowers in summer, showy  red berries in winter.  [20]


Heteromeles arbutifolia (from yellow-fruit), "TOYON" - Calif. native,

water-efficient small tree/large shrub w/ glossy green leaves, clusters of

white flowers in summer, showy red berries in winter; seed from yellow-

fruited plant - some may have yellow berries.  [30] (H*B*W*C*)

Hibiscus tiliaceus, "HAO TREE" - Tropical, Polynesian tree for mildest

Inland gardens or patio container; 6-in., leathery, heart-shaped leaves & 4-

in,  bright yellow, hibiscus flowers w/ red center, age in one day to dark

orange.  [10] 

Laurus 'Saratoga', "SARATOGA BAY LAUREL" - Classic laurel of

literature & cooking, a handsome, slow growing, evergreen tree or large

shrub  w/  dark  green,  deliciously  aromatic, leathery leaves & small,

interesting, yellow flowers; versatile.  [10/8] (W*)

Myrtus communis 'Boetica', "BOETICA MYRTLE" - Choice form of

this versatile, evergreen tree/shrub w/ dark green, shiny, aromatic leaves,

arranged "foxtail" fashion on thick branches; fragrant white flowers & blue

berries.  [17] (W*F*)

Nolina nelsoni, "NELSON'S  BLUE BEAR GRASS" - Yucca-like plant

from Tamaulipas, Mexico gradually forming a 3-12 ft. trunk topped by

stiff, sword-shaped blue-green leaves; in age producing a tall branching

spike of tiny, white flowers.  [10] (W*)

Phoenix  dactylifera,  "DATE  PALM"  -  Classic  des ert  palm,  multi-

trunked or train to single, slender trunk; gray-green, feather-type fronds in

airy head; hardy to 20°; seeds orig. collected from various oases in Baja

California.  [20] (W*)

Pinus attenuata, "KNOBCONE PINE" - Fast-growing, California native

pine forming a rounded crown while young & a more irregular shape in age;

3-5-in., yellow green needles & assymetrical, knobby cones that remain on

the tree for years.  [10] (W*C*)

Pistacia chinensis, "CHINESE PISTACHE" - Tough, drought resistant,

deciduous medium to large tree w/ graceful, divided leaves that reliably

turn scarlet/crimson/orange in fall; spectacular!  [21/13] (W*)

Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon’, "FLYING DRAGON" - Rarely

offered, deciduous, tree w/ contorted, viciously spiny, green branches,

sweetly scented white flowers & decorative but inedible fruit; branches

especially striking in winter.  [6] (F*)

Prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana, "HONEY MESQUITE" - Fast-

growing  (w/  some  irrigation),  drought tolerant, evergreen tree of

picturesque form; tiny, ferny leaves & dense, finger-like spikes of creamy

yellow flowers in spring.  [10] (B*W*)

Prunus  ilicifolia,  "HOLLY  LEAF  CHERRY"  -  Versatile, drought

tolerant, evergreen tree or shrub w/ leathery, hollylike leaves & spikes of

creamy-white flowers in spring; Calif. native.  [15] (B*W*C*)

Prunus lusitanica, "PORTUGAL LAUREL" - Water efficient, single or

multi-trunked tree or large shrub from Spain & Portugal; 5-in, shiny, dark

green leaves & 5-10 in. spikes of creamy white flowers in spring/summer.

[15] (B*W*)

Punica granatum 'Double Red', "POMEGRANATE" - Rare flower

form of this popular, water efficient tree; glossy green leaves & pompom-

like, double, scarlet red flowers over long summer season; no fruit.  [20]


Punica granatum 'Legrellei', "LEGRELLE POMEGRANATE" - Rare

flower form of this popular, water efficient tree; glossy green leaves &

fully double, creamy white flowers w/ coral-red stripes; no fruit.  [33/16]


Quercus lobata, "VALLEY OAK" - Majestic, Calif. native, low-water-

use, deciduous, large tree w/ thick, spreading branches & handsome,

deeply lobed leaves; fairly fast growth w/ some irrigation.  [47] (B*W*C*)

Schotia brachypetala, "TREE FUCHSIA" - Slow-growing South African

tree or shrub w/ handsome, shiny dark green compound leaves & clusters

of waxy, crimson flowers w/ protruding stamens born mostly on older

wood.  [59] (H*S*)

Syzygium jambos, "ROSE APPLE" - Semi-tropical small tree/large shrub

w/ handsome, lance-shaped leaves, bronze new growth, large, brush-like,

creamy white flowers & crunchy, aromatic fruit w/ rose water flavor.

[14/10] (H*W*)

Tabebuia chrysotricha, "GOLDEN TRUMPET TREE" - Spectacular,


slow-growing, deciduous tree w/ hand-shaped, gold-haired leaves & 3-4 in.,

golden yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers before the leaves appear in spring.

[19/2] (H*)

Tabebuia  impetiginosa,  "PINK  TRUMPET  TREE"  -  Spectacular,

deciduous  tree  w/  hand-shaped,  5-leaflet leaves & pretty, 2 to 3 in.,

lavender-pink, trumpet-shaped flowers before the leaves appear in spring.

[25/6] (H*)

Taxodium distichum, "BALD CYPRESS" - Southeastern U.S. native,

tall, pyramidal tree w/ light green, feathery foliage sprays that turn bright

orange-brown in fall before dropping; wet to moderately dry conditions.


Tecoma 'Orange Jubilee', "ORANGE BELLS" - Color form of this

popular favorite -- heat-loving small tree/large shrub w/ divided leaves &

showy  clusters of trumpet-shaped, orange flowers over long summmer/fall

season.  [14] (H*W*)

Vitex agnus-castus 'Pink Sensation', "CHASTE TREE" - Tough, fast-

growing small tree or large shrub w/ pretty, hand-shaped leaves & dense,

conical spikes of small, pink, fragrant flowers over long summer season.

[20] (B*W*S*)

Vitex agnus-castus 'Stony Point', "CHASTE TREE" - Tough, fast-

growing small tree or large shrub w/ pretty, hand-shaped leaves & dense,

conical  spikes  of  small,  dark  blue  purple,  fragrant  flowers over long

summer season.  [25] (B*W*S*)


Abutilon palmeri , "INDIAN MALLOW" -  Small  shrub  native  to

southwest deserts & Baja Calif. w/ soft, velvety, silvery stems & leaves

& satiny, golden yellow, cup-shaped flowers in spring/summer.  [20]


Acacia boormanii, "SNOWY RIVER WATTLE" - Suckering shrub that

can be trained as a multi-trunked tree; slender, gray-green, leaves & showy

clusters of bright yellow, fragrant flower "puffs" at branch ends in late

winter/early spring.  [15] (H*W*S*)

Acacia  craspedocarpa,  "LEATHERLEAF  ACACIA"   -  Large,  heat

resistant shrub w/ handsome, rounded, gray-green leaves -- flowers are

bright yellow bottle-brushes born in winter/spring; pods showy.  [3] (W*)

Aloysia  triphylla,  "LEMON  VERBENA"  -  Large,  open  shrub  w/

sandpapery, bright green, deliciously lemon-scented leaves used in teas &

potpourri; clusters of tiny white flowers in summer.  [32] (B*F*)

A n i s a c a n t h u s   q u a d r i f i d i s 'Mexican Fire', "DESERT

HONEYSUCKLE" - Heat-loving, mounded shrub w/ light green leaves &

spikes  of  flared,  tubular,  bright  red-orange  flowers  heaviest  in  spring,

occasional  in  summer/fall; hummingbird & butterfly favorite.  [9]


Arbutus unedo 'Oktoberfest', "STRAWBERRY TREE" - Choice, dwarf

form of this evergreen shrub related to manzanita w/ handsome, deep green

leaves, clusters of tiny, dark rosy-pink, urn-shaped flowers & pretty, red

fruit in fall/winter.  [20] (H*W*)

Arctostaphylos pajaro. 'Warren Roberts', "PAJARO MANZANITA" -

Calif. native shrub to 6 ft. tall & 10 ft. wide, bronzy new growth, blue-

green leaves edged red & large clusters of dark pink, urn-shaped flowers in

late winter; needs good drainage.  [5] (H*B*W*C*)

Arctostaphylos densiflorus 'Sentinel', "VINE HILL MANZANITA" -

Sturdy trunked small tree/shrub to 8 ft. tall & 8 ft. wide w/ smooth,

reddish black bark, small, gray leaves & clusters of tiny, light pink, urn-

shaped flowers in spring; needs good drainage.  [20] (H*B*W*C*)

Arctostaphylos 'Emerald Carpet', "MANZANITA" - Water efficient,

California native derivative w/ small, rounded leaves on a dense, wide-

spreading low shrub; pink, urn-shaped flowers in spring; needs good

drainage.  [20] (H*B*W*C*)

Arctostaphylos 'Lester Rountree', "MANZANITA" - Sturdy trunked

small tree/shrub to 15 ft. tall & 12 ft. wide w/ smooth, purplish bark, gray

leaves & clusters of tiny, urn-shaped flowers, white flushed pink, in early

spring; needs good drainage.  [20] (H*B*W*C*)

Artemisia tridentata, "GREAT BASIN SAGEBRUSH" - Sagebrush of

"Old  West"  fame;  tough,  water  efficient,  picturesque  shrub  w/  silver-

white, notoriously aromatic foliage; needs good drainage.  [10] (W*C*)

Baccharis  hybrid  'Starn-Thompson'  tm  #11240,  "THOMPSON

BACCHARIS"  -  Patented,  wide-spreading,  heat-loving,  groundcover

shrub w/ small, narrow bright green leaves on green stems; does not bear

the unattractive flower heads of other cultivars.  [15] (W*)

Berberis nevinii, "NEVIN'S BARBERRY" - Striking, drought tolerant,

evergreen shrub w/ blue-green, holly-like leaves, clusters of small, yellow

flowers & showy red berries; rare Calif. native seed-grown from locally

endangered plants.  [6] (B*W*C*)

Boronia  'Lipstick',  "PINK  BORONIA"  -  Upright,  Aust.  shrub  w/

aromatic,  dark  green,  needle-like  foliage  &  an abundance of pretty,

magenta, bell-shaped flowers; good cutflower; needs good drainage, no

phosphorus fertilizer.  [20] 

Boronia megastigma 'Hot Chocolate', "BROWN BORONIA" - Aust.

shrub  w/  short,  needle-like  leaves  &  freesia-scented,  rich  brown,  bell-

shaped flowers that are chartreuse within; good drainage, no phosphorus

fert.; not for beginners.  [20] (F*S*)

Brugmansia candida 'Double White', "ANGEL'S  TRUMPET" - Large

shrub/small  tree  w/  velvety  leaves  &  huge,  pendant, night-fragrant,

trumpet-shaped, double, white flowers in flushes throughout the year;

spectacular!  [5] (S*)

Brugmansia  'Charles  Grimaldi',  "ANGEL'S   TRUMPET"  -  Fast-

growing, large shrub/small tree w/ huge, pendant, night-fragrant, trumpet-

shaped,  cantaloupe-colored  flowers  in  flushes  throughout  the  year;

spectacular!  [5] (S*)

Brugmansia  'Jamaica  Yellow',  "ANGEL'S   TRUMPET" -  Large

shrub/small tree w/ light green leaves & huge, pendant, night-fragrant,

trumpet-shaped,  yellow  flowers in flushes throughout the year;

spectacular!  [12] (S*)

Brugmansia 'Shredded White', "ANGEL'S TRUMPET" - Easy, fast-

growing, large shrub/small tree w/ bright green, leaves & huge, pendant,

night-fragrant, white flowers split into numerous, flag-like parts; most

unusual!  [4] (S*)

Brugmansia  'Super Nova A', "ANGEL'S TRUMPET" -  Large

shrub/small tree w/ light green leaves & huge, pendant, night-fragrant,

trumpet-shaped, white flowers; largest flowered of the Brugmansias - to

10 in. across; spectacular!  [43] (S*)

Buddleia alternifolia, "FOUNTAIN BUTTERFLY BUSH" - Decidious


small tree or large shrub w/ willow-like, arching branches covered in spring

by small clusters of slightly fragrant, tiny, lilac-purple flowers; prune after

bloom; butterfly favorite.  [21] (B*S*)

Buddleia asiatica, "WHITE BUTTERFLY BUSH" - Large, deciduous

shrub/small tree w/ felty leaves & long branching spikes of tiny,  white,

freesia-scented  flowers  in  winter;  floral  fragrance carries through the

garden; prune after bloom; butterfly favorite.  [22] (B*S*)

Buddleia davidii 'Buzz Pink Purple', "BUTTERFLY BUSH" - Dwarf

form of this popular shrub w/ leaves dark green above & white-felted

below & dense, conical spikes of small, pink purple, fragrant flowers in

summer; butterfly favorite.  [20] (B*S*)

Buddleia davidii 'Pink Delight', "BUTTERFLY BUSH" - Fast-growing

shrub w/ leaves dark green above & white-felted below & dense, conical

spikes  of  small,  lavender  pink,  fragrant  flowers  in  summer; butterfly

favorite.  [21] (B*S*)

Buddleia davidii 'Ellen's Blue', "BUTTERFLY BUSH" - Moderate-

sized selection of this fast-growing shrub w/ leaves gray green above &

white-felted below & dense, conical spikes of small, lavender blue, fragrant

flowers in summer; butterfly favorite.  [20] (B*S*)

Buddleia marrubifolia, "WOOLLY BUTTERFLY BUSH" - Unique

Chihuahuan Desert shrub w/ small, white-fuzzy leaves & globular clusters

of bright yellow-orange flowers in summer/fall.  [4] (B*W*)

Buddleia  salviifolia,  "SOUTH  AFRICAN  SAGE  WOOD"  -  Large

shrub or small tree; "butterfly bush" w/ narrow, silver-felty leaves &

conical  spikes  of  small,  orange-eyed,  pale lilac, fragrant flowers in

fall/winter; butterfly favorite!  [19] (B*S*)

Buddleia x weyeriana 'Bicolor', "BUTTERFLY BUSH" - Fast-growing

shrub w/ felty, lance-shaped leaves & conical clusters of tiny, fragrant

flowers, a blend of lavender & butterscotch yellow, in summer/fall; prune

after bloom; butterfly favorite.  [35] (B*S*)

Buddleia x weyeriana 'Sungold', "BUTTERFLY BUSH" - Fast-growing

shrub w/ lance-shaped leaves & globular clusters of tiny, butter yellow,

fragrant flowers in summer/fall; prune after bloom; butterfly favorite.  [28]


Caesalpinia gilliesii, "BIRD-OF-PARADISE-BUSH" -  Medium  to

large, heat-loving, water efficient shrub w/ open habit; ferny foliage &

striking yellow flowers w/ conspicuous, bright red stamens produced in

summer; hummingbird favorite.  [15] (H*W*)

Caesalpinia pulcherrima, "BARBADOS PRIDE" - Heat-loving, water

efficient shrub w/ ferny, blue-green leaves & spectacular clusters of orange

& red flowers in summer; hummingbird favorite.  [10/7/4] (H*W*)

Calliandra  eriophylla,  "FAIRY  DUSTER"  -  Truly  drought  tolerant

Calif. native, medium shrub w/ lacy, dark gray green foliage; flowers are

fluffy brushes of rosy-pink stamens in spring.  [15/4] (H*W*C*)

Cantua  (00031502  WLH),  "MAGIC-FLOWER-OF-THE-INCAS"  -

UCRBG experimental intro; shrub w/ small, bright green leaves & slender,

arching branches tipped in late winter by pendulous clusters of 1.5-in.,

deep rose red, tubular flowers; hummingbird favorite.  [8] (H*)

Cantua  'Hot Pants', "MAGIC-FLOWER-OF-THE-INCAS" -

Spectacular in flower, rangy  when not; shrub w/ small, bright green leaves

& thin, arching branches tipped in spring by 4-in., cerise red, tubular

flowers flared at the tips; hummingbird favorite.  [20] (H*)

Carex flagillifera , "WEEPING BROWN N.Z. SEDGE" - Grass-like

perennial from New Zealand forming dense,  clumps of very narrow,

weeping, iridescent bronze leaves to 2 ft long w/ curled tips, tinted pink

& orange shades in winter.  [10] 

Ceanothus 'Blue Jeans', "BLUE JEANS CEANOTHUS" - Drought

tolerant, medium to large, dense shrub w/ small, dark green, holly-like

leaves & abundant clusters of tiny, pale powder blue flowers in spring;

tolerates heavy soil, summer water.  [20] (B*W*C*)

Ceanothus 'Frosty Blue', "FROSTY BLUE CEANOTHUS" - Drought

tolerant, wide-spreading, large shrub w/ 1/2 in., dark green leaves & 3-in.,

spikelike clusters of deep blue flowers frosted w/ white; can be trained as

small tree.  [20] (B*W*C*)

Ceanothus  griseus  'Diamond  Heights', "DIAMOND HEIGHTS

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